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I don't think Zion and Noah are overkill. Italiced out the ones I think are unuseable, bolded the ones I liked, the others are fine but not my taste. Carmen--I love this name Rogue--awful, comic book name has a bad meaning and will be mistaken for Rouge which is just silly. Astrid -I like it but worry about the pronunciation in US Autumn--fine but over popular for me Aeon--Aeon Flux...also fangirly Rain--not as a first name but I like it as a middle Tera-- do you mean...
Will we start a thread in life with a babe? I want to be able to follow what happens to our group!
I think I'd probably go with the Carys spelling too, even though Charis and Carys come from two different sources, they are pronounced the same way. I love the name and the Greek meaning that Charis comes from is so nice but I think pronunciation might be an issue in the US and the Welsh name also has a pretty meaning. I voted for Charis Zariah but actually I think it sounds a bit too matchy with Caleb Josiah. However, I just personally don't like the sound of Zariah...
If your husband likes Rowan he might like Ronan as well. Rowan is one of the very few names that has truly been used as a unisex name throughout its history rather than a name "going to the girls" I know both boys and girls named it. Roan is an alternate spelling that seems to be used only on boys, but be warned it will be pronounced "Rone" in the US rather than Ro-awn. Interestingly I found out that in parts of Scotland Rowan is pronounced with the first syllable...
Hmmm. I would guess its actually from a nickname for "Jove" or the spanish feminine form "Jovita" both from the roman "Jupiter" It might also conceivably be from Jovial (the word, not a name) meaning Jolly or Convivial sometimes used as a feminine name spelled "Jovielle". I'm pretty sure that Jolly/Jovial and Joy are actually from two different root words that have converged a bit because of similar meanings and Jove is entirely different too. Jovita and Julia are from...
Is Grey a family name? I voted for Solomon Daniel I think its a gorgeous name. But if Grey is a family name I think that would also work. If its not, it seems a little random. Solomon Michael is a little hard to say, flow with the middle name is not the most important thing but if all other things are equal I like Solomon Daniel better.
Quote: i loveee that spelling or even kaedynn. i really like it. it makes it somehow more feminine. Kaedynn does look pretty on the screen but it still will be pronounced the same as Caden and a girl named Kaedynn will constantly have to spell her name or correct the pronunciation. I agree that Cadence is pretty on a girl.
I got them post partum only with my first two so I was worried when I started getting them mid pregnancy with my last, but my midwife said it was normal, and everything did turn out just fine. I didn't get them as badly post partum as I did with my older child, every pregnancy is different.
It would be really hard to tie a waist strap with the little one on you. If the waist is already tied it wouldn't be too hard to do the top I don't think. Easier though just to tie the Mei tai on, and leave it on to nurse in. You can always loosen and tighten it too or drop the top straps and put them back on when you are done nursing.
ber there are plenty of organic maple syrupers out here too. Or if they aren't totally organic they are mostly...no formaldehyde.
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