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Hi Ambie!  
Hi @mamadance84  I added your goals to the list.  I like the one about taking things as they come.  Good advice.     How is everyone doing?  @Alivewithyou Hi Jordan!  Are you remembering your prenatal every day?  I've forgotten a couple of times but am doing very good overall.      @chilee, how are you doing with relaxing?  I'm a fan of plain old meditation and of walking, when the weather is nice and I have time.  Meditation is a learned skill, it took a while before...
 I guess CD15 is possible.  My first few days of taking my temperature I didn't do very good at taking it at the same time every day.   The negatives are pregnancy tests.  I knew I was testing way too early but I guess I like to waste money.  Thanks, Alive   CD 27 DPO 5.  Fertility Friend says I should wait until DPO 16 to test and that if I am pregnant then the baby is due in January.  11 more days.  Torture!!   So sorry, Jordan.   Lol sound like good signs to me!  I...
I have no idea what's going on with my body.  I either ovulated on CD 9 or CD 22.  More likely it was CD 22.  Neither of those days are ideal.  I guess I'm technically in the 2WW.  The kids want me to have triplets.  That'd be interesting!      Here's my chart if anyone can make sense of it.  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/4e4ac9  
 Great start!  What I've read is that bananas are low on the pesticides list so you don't have to worry about buying them organic.    I need to make a treasure map, too.  I read about them in the book "Infinite Possibilities".    Very cool!  Yoga is such a treat for your body and mind.   Nice!  I might look into pilates now.  
 Awesome job, Tina!        That's exactly why I don't ask, even if the couple has already had a kid.  I let them bring it up to me.    Hi!    Egg hunting Lol .  It's so tempting to check too early, isn't it?  I've wasted so many tests doing that.  Good luck!  
Would I use a male midwife? Sure, if he was the best fit for my personality and my expectations.  
 Joyful expectation--love it!  Such great advice for anyone. Glad you got to run.  Do you often run with your sister?  Hi Tinytina!  I'm glad you've decided to join us.  I'll add your goals to the top.  Energy is great!  That's really good news.  
Thank you!  That was very nice.  
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