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It has just been so long since I've been in this kind of a situation...and minute by minute my resolve changes...I can do it...who am I kidding...yeah..I can do it...ya know. I feel like a freaking teenager!!! I will, and I can. So...here's hoping...I will let you know what happens...tomorrow is the day that I will know what is going on!!! Mamasoleil
I left my husband two years ago. We have two beautiful children. Anyway...to get to the point. I met this guy approximatly to the time when I came back to my hometown after separating. He's sweet and all...at the time that we met..I was really not looking for anything. So fast forward to now. I saw him again last weekend and he is so so sweet! And all of a sudden, I cannot stop thinking about him. Seriously, can't get him out of my mind, my dreams...and I am thinking about...
This is great, I am going to read it to her tonight! Thank you so much!!! Quote: Originally Posted by mamaduck Dear Soleil, I am a guidance counselor in an elementary school. There are 104 kids in the fourth grade at my school. Lots of them have come to talk to me about sex this year, because they know I am a safe person to talk to who will keep their secrets. Lots of them are wondering about sex, and thinking about sex, and most of them...
Thank you all so much for the replies! I actually got the "It's Perfectly Normal' book and it seems to be what I was needing! I've read a few chapters with her, she was touched that I went out and searched for answers for her. So, all is well...until the next 'panic' on my part! Honestly, I've missed this place...perhaps I'll be sticking around more again!!! Cheers, Mamasoleil
That's a good point...I should ask her what she thinks sex is...although she walked in on me and her father when she was 5, she thinks that's why she is so curious...but I told her that many many kids walk in on their parents at some point...I guess I just didn't think this day would come so soon!!!
I have to admit, it has been a long time since I've felt the need to seek out help with the kids. However, the other night, dd told me she has been searching for naked pictures on the internet (prior to me putting a parental block on it), and that she is really curious about sex. She feels like a monster, and abnormal. I told her she was none of those things, that she was completely normal. She said, well no one at school thinks about these things; to which I answered,...
She probably just got busy with the holidays, remind her, no biggie!
Sweet thread! ~My first time in 31 yrs without my parents for the holiday season this year, it's our little family only~ I will think of my sisters and parents. Memories of our canine brother and sister will be strong, our first time without them to make us laugh and yell! LOL Peace to all, Mamasoleil/samson
I hear the loneliness part! Which is why I've returned to MDC! Just sending you a cyber I can see you've already got your goals with DS, stick to them, and continue to be strong!
So crazy to think that all this time I thought people did things the same way! How...small of me? Interesting to see how everyone does it! Peace, Mamasoleil
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