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what about sewing up some heavy sandbags that you could strap or velcro to the stands to give a bit more stability? Don't worry about the expensive bookshelves factor--there is an inexhaustable supply of waldorf enthused parents out there dying to create the perfect wool-wood wonderland playspace for their little ones. I think you will get a very nice price on ebay for them... Me, I handed my FIL the book "toymaking with children" when dd turned two and asked him to...
thanks so much for posting this...today dd (5 yo as of 3 weeks ago) had this scene: me: go in the car now dd: just a minute me: it's time to go to the car now dd: just a minute me: (taking her by the arm and tuning her toward the car) "i'm tired of just a minute. go now" dd: I'm tired of "go". I need to get on the "ask once and immediately follow-up plan!"
I went to my good friend's house last week and she had an old skirt hanger her entryway with all her kids mittens neatly clipped and drying. I thought it was a brilliant solution. I also try and walk all wet things immediately to the dryer. I always dry on "low" so I don't fear the heat will wear out the clothes. I just like to make sure we don't have wet things if we're going out again soon. I also use ikea tray meant for toy-keeping to keep wet boots and shoes in....
thanks moonfroggy...I hope it will help.
My good friend is newly pregnant for the first time and struggling with depression (she has a history of it and is treated with anti-depressants). Her depression is pretty debilitating and I thought there was a forum here, but all I can find is the postnatal depression forum. thank you.
is the right place for it in the new tm thread, or a different thread? I love seeing what other ladies are up to! -victoria
from this thread this is just what a 4 yo is supposed to be doing---but why??? I've been so concerned because z. used to have a very well developed ability to play on her own-----very rarely does she do that now. If she doesn't have a playmate (other than her 2 yo brother) she asks, nags, pleads, insists that I do. If I comply, I get tyrannical instructions and she seems incapable of sustaining whatever game she's chosen for us. The minute we get the dolls set up or the...
I did the spackling and replacing the switch plates but then I stalled out. It's so weird that I've procrastinated this stuff for a while and even when I dedicate a whole month to it I'm still procrastinating it. I refuse to give up though---how is everyone else doing?
I'm back on track, a little behind but so what. Here's where I am previous: 144/750 43 magazines 1 broken knife sheath 1 pair shoes 1 wallet clean out 21 diapers and covers (sold in the tp) 3 bath products 1 corduroy pants 1 girls dress 16 pieces of plastic toy junk 1 headband 2 nail files 1 empty makeup compact current: 336/750 fling!fling!fling!
I kicked my procrastination in the butt and found some of my supplies. Within the hour I've replaced three switchplates from past painting jobs (some have been off for more than TWO YEARS. groan. replaced the cover for our doorbell apparatus--in the dining room btw---another piece that's been missing for TWO YEARS. spackled up the holes in my bedroom wall and all along our stairwell, tomorrow I'll sand and paint For some reason this challenge is much harder than the...
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