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My family lives in Mahomet. When you say acreage, what does that mean! I don't think of Mahomet as really affordable. We love it here, but have yet to find a house we can afford.
We just moved from Peoria. I grew up in Chillicothe (20 minutes North of Peoria), but moved away when I went to college. When my husband and I married we moved back to Peoria. The 61614 zip code is probably a good way to search. Finding decent rentals are hard to find. We relied on Craigslist and word of mouth. The schools in Peoria are notoriously horrible, which is why lots of families homeschool. There are lots of homeschool co-ops as well. We preferred to stay north of...
This was very helpful for me, too. We are moving to Mahomet in June.   What about parks and swimming pools? What are good places to take a 5 year old and 2.5 year old?   We are expecting mid-June, so maybe I'll check out my first LLL meeting. It's on my bucket list.
The local favorite hsooital for the most peaceful birth is, actually, Pekin. Unfortunately not many midwives or docs have privileges there. Sherry Hartenbower is the local midwife who does a lot of advocating for mother's birthing rights, etc. Water birthing..... Ha! Um, no. The hospitals in the area (OSF, Methodist and Proctor) are all fairly conservative in their birth practices. I'm due in June, and due to my VBAC status it is preferred that I deliver at OSF. They are...
A friend of mine lives in Knoll Crest. It's my favorite neighborhood. Her kids go to Hines and she really loved her sons Kindergarden teacher. We don't live too far from there, but are getting ready to move across the river as well to Metamora. It's a solid 16 minute drive. The traffic in Peoria is really no big deal. Plus, from the Charter Oak area to Washington it's mostly interstate.
Yes, what Sally said. ;-)   We live in Peoria, but unfortunately I don't have much knowledge of the public schools as we plan to homeschool. I will tell you that my general impression of Northmoor Edison is a good school, but when I've driven by during dismissal times it seems mostly white. Same with Kellar, but it's a great school. A friend of mine has kids who go there and she seems to like the school. I would think Charter Oak would be a good "mixed"...
There are a handful of moms in the Peoria area who have had homebirths. We would really like to have our third child at home. Hope that at least gives you some encouragement. "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
My entire family sees Dr. Ted Rogers in Chillicothe, which is just North of Peoria.
Wow! You guys are so creative. Even after all these great suggestions came thru I still wandered around Toys 'r Us for an hour. I just kept flash forwarding to the "what-ifs" for each toy.....a million broken crayons, marker on the wall, duplicate books galore, tiny little pieces in the mouth of her 9 month old brother. Anywho, I found a Priddy book that is sort of like a dry erase board/activity book thing. Go figure, they already had that EXACT book but it was...
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