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Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly1101 I'm sure it is against the law if it causes serious enough injury, whatever the law may be in that case (bruising, bleeding, whatever). And since I don't know the severity of the assault (so to speak) on the child, and can't attest to whether it is legal spanking or illegal abuse, I would definitely involve whoever is qualified to make that judgement. I would report a case of suspected abuse, and let the matter be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly1101 If the police don't investigate charges of child abuse and assault in your area, who does? That's who I'd call in that case. Spanking isn't assault or abuse according to the law. You really think CPS would take a call about a parent spanking a kid in a public place seriously?
Quote: Originally Posted by bcblondie Mods, just go ahead and delete this thread. I didn't mean it in a "judging other parents" way. I meant it in a "when would you step in" way. Own your words, bb. And no, I wouldn't have said something in the situation you described in the OP. Spanking is legal where I live so I can't imagine calling the authorities. What would they do??
I didn't wean Gus before he went to his dad's house for 10 days. He was fine but when he came back, that was that. I tried to nurse him and he looked at me like I was insane! He was 13 months old.
I got my MIL in the divorce! Seriously, I adore her and even though I left her son and moved 500 miles away we are still close. She rocks.
So I am not crazy! I think he feels some sort of guilt because the break up was totally his fault (chronic, long-term adultery) and its been super easy for him. He found a new woman, I am still very nice to him, the kids aren't all damaged.... Crazy man....he should consider himself lucky!
I just say their dad lives in CT and leave it at that. Good luck, btw!
So, xDH and I separated in August, which included me and the 4 kids moving to PA (from CT). It wasn't a bad break up, just a loooooong time coming! I am very much over my ex, ready to move on, blah blah blah. He has a girlfriend now, lets call her S. I'm thrilled for him. He isn't the type to be alone and frankly, he was making my life hell before S came into the picture. Now he's all happy and distracted. All the better for me. He comes to PA 2x a month to...
How in the hail is this thread still open?! You dared to question TPTB!
i have 4 kids. i was "done" after two, and again after three! my dh just had a vasectomy two weeks ago, so we are really done this time. for me, once i had my fourth i knew w/ no hesitation that i was actually ready to never have another baby. the feeling after dh's procedure was one of supreme relief. even now, i will have flashes of joy that my baby making days are past. what i'm saying is that i thought i was done a few times before i actually was. but the...
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