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I'm so very sorry for the loss of your precious daughter. Thank you for sharing your blog with us- I was very touched to read about Violet.  Lots of love to you- you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. 
Where are you in So Cal? I'm in San Diego. My youngest is 6 so I don't know a lot of people with babies anymore. I'd love to connect up if we are close :)   We're not doing birth classes since it's our fifth child and I'm a doula and a student midwife, so I feel like I have quite a bit of birth knowledge already! I hope some other couples join your class. I know it can be a great way to meet other parents.
I took my Paragard out on December 20th (during my period) and haven't had a period since- I conceived on January 4th and am now 14 weeks pregnant.
  This is our exact situation! I thought I posted without remembering it for a second!   We share a household with my parents and they are definitely part of caring for the kids. Part of me almost feels like we needed to consult them before deciding to add #5. They think 4 is already a lot, so hopefully the news that #5 is on the way will be accepted relatively well. Our kids will be 15, 13, 9.5, and 6.5 when the new baby comes. They have been begging for another baby for...
My name is Amy and I'm expecting my 5th child on 9/25/13. We tried for a girl but would be happy with either one. Baby will be a tie breaker- we have two of each currently.   It's kind of special to be due with our last baby in September 2013 because our first baby was born 15 years before then in September 1998 :)
I would start by contacting Nicole Morales- she should definitely be able to help you and/or put you in contact with someone who can. Just google "Nicole Morales midwife" for her contact info. I can give you a list of several midwives that I know of in SD, but I don't have very much knowledge of who has experience with twins specifically.   Good luck!
I love this cake: http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=6602.0 It turns out like a normal cake but even better- most vegan pastries I've tried are odd but not this one. I highly recommend it! I double the recipe for a cake in a 9x11" pan. I use coffee instead of water (and I don't even like coffee- the taste bakes out but it's richer) and add a small amount of pure maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice but it's good without these additions too. I find it turns out better...
SD has a group called The Crunchy Crowd- very UC friendly and lots of cool moms (and a few dads). We always love new members We also have a pretty active BWing group: http://sandiegobabywearers.com/
We started out with Robeez only. Around 18 months we started trying other shoes but DS would sit down and cry and try to get the shoes off, so we stuck with Robeez. At 2 he started wearing See Kai Run, as well as Robeez.
I actually kept the unisom\B6 combo up every night through my whole pregnancy last time. I slept so well and felt so much better than I did with my other two pregnancies. I know that not everyone would be comfortable doing that but it worked out very well for me.
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