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I was just in a rental home and by the end of the week, the glass top stove had marks on it, and after trying the specific cleansers they had in the cabinet, and a scrubby sponge with dish soap, to no avail, I used a yellow/green scrubby sponge (the more scratchy kind), voila, the marks came right off with just a little dish soap and water.
iTunes card or a Barnes & Noble (or other book store) card (where you can get books, music, etc.).
Ugh! Fairly significant medical benefits that intactivists are ignoring, my a$$. It also says that intavtivists are far too emotional over the whole thing. Bah humbug!!! I did not listen to it, I just read it. Should I have listned? Did they even interview any intactivists? Posted via Mobile Device
Wow, that sounds like the worst idea I could ever imagine. How awful. Breeding creatures and then disposing of them just for your own entertainment (edutainment? not even). There are plenty of videos on the internet. Watch some. Read some books. I just don't see any need to bring unwanted babies into the world just so you can figure out some way to pawn them off on others. Ugh. Or volunteer for a cat or dog rescue by fostering pregnant animals, or fostering...
Good luck. Have you seen if anyone in your local homeschooling groups has experience as a homeschool advocate, someone who might be able to come along with you and bolster you up? Someone with plenty of experience homeschooling in the community?
What do your days look like? Does she get outdoor exercise every day? When my children were toddlers, they had no problem going to sleep at decent times IF we had spent the day at the zoo, or 3 hours at the park with our moms club, or hiking on a trail (even with toddler in a stroller) for hours, or swimming at the beach, or playing at an indoor gym for hours. The more exercise, fresh air and activity we had during the day (outside of naps), the better my children (of...
Douse it with Nature's Miracle and keep the area wet for at least 24 hrs (out of reach of the cats, preferably in a closed laundry room or something). Then wash in the washing machine with Oxiclean and detergent and the warmest water you can use with the sleeping bag. Unless it's a down sleeping bag...I don't think you mentioned that. We have used that special litter from Petsmart. It's pretty pricey, like over $20 for a bag but it worked wonders for us. It's...
Yay! Congratulations!!
Get rid of your tenants. If they haven't even communicated with you about the rent and their intentions, they are just planning to stay there as long as they can, before you kick them out. They don't seem to have any plans to pay ever again and meanwhile, they might be damaging your house. The longer you wait, the worse they might damage it, I think. Next, why does the garage get wet? Is there a leak in the roof? A while back, we have a leak in our room over our...
13 or 14. I know that pediatricians around here will pierce baby's ears so I imagine they will pierce teenage ears, too. I think I would feel pretty good about that, or maybe at a tattoo parlor, definitely not at a mall store or anything like that.
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