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if you are talking about the green circle one, i think it is likely too big. i have used the blue one to make them for a child the size of a three year old, but they are chunky because of the size yarn needed to make them look nice...hope my answer made sense...not sure i typed how i ment to explain it,lol
i haven't used raw egg yolks as a cure for plugged ducts, but i did have a lot of my chocolate milk recipe i make when i was pregnant and newly nursing too. make sure they are eggs from a local farm if you are going to be eating them raw. if you like chocolate milk, my recipe i use is 1 egg yolk, 1tbs of cocoa powder, 1 1/2 tbs maple syrup(or agave) then blend well. add milk till it is the correct color of chocolate milk you like good luck
when the kids were babies i took them to all of the well baby checks, mainly as a C.Y.A. kinda thing. i didn't want to be seen as medically negligent by the powers that be
we just got a kids yoga dvd and it is lots of fun. it is by radiant kids yoga http://www.childrensyoga.com/
this one is my dd favorite one she made up knock knock who's there pee pee who pee poop... then she , gotta love those kid jokes
have you tried mixing it in with a smoothie? the amount needed can usually go unnoticed in a yummy smoothie. does she not like the clo or the butter oil? my kids actually like to chew on the clo capsules from green pastures, they think of it as gum, lol but niether one of them will just take butter oil. that i have to hide. clo is better absorbed when taken with a vit c source from what i heard, so maybe some type of hiding in a fruity thing is better anyway,
you can drop them off at an ikea, if you have one of them around you
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthea™ I don't know of anyone who ever went off to college fearing monsters under his bed. Use the spray, he'll be fine =) i am a college graduate... and i don't like to sleep with my feet hanging off the bed, incase the monster under the bed comes up to nibble on my toes i do know that there are no such thing as monsters under the bed, but i still ma uneasy about letting them hang off... weird huh anyway, i...
i live in ct too, it is expensive here, but i find that i get awesome prices at trader joes. i go every two weeks opps kids up
we get our cheese from wil-ar farm in pa. great cheese and great prices, i don't have the link, but you could google it
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