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I haven't been here for a while but someone told me today that Kimya Dawson's hubby is a barefoot runner. I got curious if anyone here is into barefoot running as well. I just finished my first barefoot marathon on Oct. 17th.  Here is my blog addy. http://www.barefootangiebee.com / I come and go as time allows to the site here and usually just lurk.    Anyways, hello barefooters!
It occurred to me after reading Kidzaplentys posts that I am afraid as much now that something unforeseen and awful will happen on a daily basis as I was during pregnancy and giving birth. I guess its an ongoing daily acceptance of my impermanence. Its funny how unaware I was before having my children. I am so very sorry for your loss Jenny. So very sorry. I could not imagine. My heart goes out to you and your family. Angela
Birth and death are not that far from each other and during pregnancy and birth death is always a possibility and something to ponder and come to some kind of acceptance of. Its a matter of deciding on the setting that is least likely to result in death. I believe that a normal pregnancy is safer at home with a midwife if she is desired or alone if thats what a woman feels most empowered doing. I have had a c-section and I knew I or my baby could die from the surgery or...
Congratulations!!! Its nice to hear a mother sound happy about their hospital birth and not to have been traumatized!
Even after having 2 vbacs I still had a hard time finding a provider, even a midwife, that would take vbac clients.(my first vbac was a 10 pounder too) I ended up having a UC and it was by far my best birth so far I hope you have lots of luck finding someone to attend your birth!
Thanks for posting this link!
7lb 10 oz csection for breech 10lb 2oz hospie birth natural vbac 40 weeks 6lb 10oz birth center birth 37 weeks 8lb 12oz UC homebirth 41 weeks
My 10 lb 2oz babe hurt the least but took the longest. My 6lb 10ozer hurt the most. I think he was positioned a bit wonky though. My last son was 8lb 12oz and came out in 2 hours. It was very intense.
I had a couple of stitches with my umedicated birth of my 10 lb 2nd son and also with my 4th who was born at home and was 8 12 oz. I must say though that they were very minor tears and I did know that it was going to happen based on my positions for birthing. I had some skidmarks with my 3rd son.
New Posts  All Forums: