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my inner labia tore with my first and even though I got it stitched it didn't heal together. My doctor told me to just ignore it so that's what I've done. It's not really a big deal to me. It's not like I'm a hoo haa model or something.
imho: 8-10 for newborn 6-8 for small 6 for medium It kind of depends on the baby though. My first had explosive poos as a newborn and poo'd on the cover every time. We had 6 covers and it wasn't near enough. My second has a million tiny poops a day and it never gets on the cover. 6 would have been plenty for him.
3 weeks here. My tummy also bounced right back, but I still have some weight to lose. Bleeding stopped a week ago which is also very nice. I've had mastitis twice already, but I think I'm on the mend now. I just have too much milk. My body seems to think I've birthed hungry quadruplets. Baby isn't sleeping so great right now. Growth spurt I think. Hope he gets back to cheerful soon. Things are going much better with my older son. I'm starting to figure out life with 2 and...
It's normal, sucky (literally ha ha), and it will be over before you know it. Hang in there!
I had mastitis with this little guy as soon as my milk came in. I didn't want to do antibiotics and i was able to successfully treat it at home with rest and fluids and nursing. Now around 3 weeks later I have it again. The painful spot in my breast is in a different location so I don't think it's that the same infection never cleared up last time. I'm starting the home treatment again as it's still pretty mild, but what can I do to prevent future infections? I don't wear...
It is consistent with AP. I got it with my first who was a horrible sleeper and followed the techniques in NCSS to the letter. It did nothing. He didn't sleep through the night until he was ready. Sorry!
the day I went into labor I laid down and watched movies all day. I was just feeling like i needed to rest. The contractions continued all afternoon and when I went to take a walk that evening my water broke. I think you should just listen to your body. If it's real labor you won't be able to stop it and if it's false labor you won't necessarily be able to turn it real
Quote: Originally Posted by baileyandmikey Why is it that we all decide to move, or sell our homes, or what not during this time, and then we all scramble to get things done? Must be the crazy hormones? ugh we moved at 32 weeks and it was horrible. I'm never moving while pregnant again! I'm glad stuff is going better for some of you this week. So many people are having a tough time at the end so it's nice to hear good news. Elliot is doing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Devaskyla Just stay really hydrated & your fluid levels will be fine. You could stop leaking between now & Friday, too. Personally, I'd wait until everyone is healthy before having an induction. Same. My son had a cold when baby arrived and that made the transition a little harder for everyone. The flu would be even worse.
I don't know about the big baby thing as mine was always small, but the biting thing is just silly. Mine went through a major biting phase around 5 months and went on to nurse past 2 years. He was definitely not ready to wean. I also don't think it's necessary to be eating 3 meals a day at that age. Food is really just for fun and practice in the first year and many kids aren't interested at 6 months.
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