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You, too, Ravie!
Quote: Originally Posted by jalilah Momabeehilly, I agree with Orangewallflower that you should go to the Waldorf Sub-forum in the Education forum to get more information on what is good about Waldorf. In this thread we have all had traumatic experiences so it is hard to see any good. Amen. Can't add to that... perfect!
I am going to catch up this weekend, but I want you to know: I love you guys, and when I say I am truly THANKFUL for you all and for this thread, and for all you do to support each other... we totally ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving my friends : I have so much exciting stuff to share about my teaching job! I will take some serious time over the holiday for this thread. Many hugs, Beth/Beansavi
OMG! *pant pant* : I just got a (mistaken) pm saying someone loved this thread but it is now closed. WHEW! They were looking at the old one. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, Everyone! I am about to put my 2 year old to bed and he is feeling a little under the weather... then it's up early and off to school... I have skimmed the posts and will try to sneak on while my kids are in PE tomorrow. But in the meantime... know I love you guys and am holding you in my heart until I can check back. I am so happy to see all of the support that flows so freely around here...
Quote: Originally Posted by smartycat . . . . . . baby . . . . . . . . . boy! I'm feeling kinda about it. I don't know if it is just that I was wishing for a girl or the whole economic craptasticness of Michigan... but blahh... I'm not ungrateful or anything. The baby was healthy and overall perfect so I am happy. But there is just this weird blah feeling. Anyone else feeling the same way? Oh I totally had that w/ both my boys. I had a...
Quote: Originally Posted by beansavi Hi. I'm here. I'm well. It's just that I have not told any of my MDC friends and aquaintances that I have been a single mom since the beginning of summer. Literally. I discovered my dh's "secret friend" the very first day of summer vacation while we were at the beach. We were celebrating that I had finished graduate school the day before.... I sat on the beach with my children and borrowed his cell phone... and...
Quote: Originally Posted by BelovedK I don't know how I missed this thread!!!! ... Welcome to the forum!!!! You are a great mama and doing what you need to do for yourself and the kids You finished grad school, and have a job!! You are MADE of awesome! Quote: Originally Posted by BugMacGee Welcome! Sorry you find yourself needing this forum but it's been very helpful for...
Snap! My old thread is still alive!!!!!
Hey, Jalilah! Just saw you were here!
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