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My favorite episode of Anthony eye candy is the one where he goes to Paris ( I was a French major), sits in a cafe for HOURS just drinking espresso, smoking, reading the paper and eating a croissant.... God I love that man. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Hey Mama! I have a crush on both of them, but Anthony has a slight lead. : :
Quote: Originally Posted by AddysMama Mike Rowe. mmmmmm and i like. : Andrew Zimmern too I was about to make a UAV comment on his positive attitude about eating habits... but I will stop there.
http://media.apn.co.nz/webcontent/im...15bourdain.JPG http://www.flickr.com/photos/94393434@N00/2198854537/ I like him smoking and with gray hair. And I hate cigarettes! Oh.... the things lust will do... and make you overlook!
NICE! Okay now I HAVE to go find pix of my TONI!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by North_Of_60 He is MUCH better looking now. Most men look better with age. HELLOOOOOO He is so yummy. He's half the reason I love Deadliest Catch. Just listening to his dreamy voice. The other half being Sig Hansen. http://www.freshare.net/images/uploads/Mike_Rowe.jpg http://bothhands.mu.nu/archives/Mike...%20cropped.jpg Is there a drooling smilie on this board?? Just saw this! Thanks! Off to...
Thanks for sharing my crush, ladies! Gotta go do some writing before i go to bed! and
Quote: Originally Posted by leanbh omg, he looks like he's from silver spoons or something. yes! or full house
*sigh* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXbOAcuD_ps
i think i have used in every freaking post on this topic! tee hee!
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