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Quote: Originally Posted by BusyMommy : YEA Baby We TOTALLY fell off the wagon today. Me, too. But I am beginning all over tomorrow. I will be checking in here more ladies! I obviously need the support! ARG!
Congratulations and 70 years since the last one, eh? MAN! I bet they ARE in shock! How cool is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by KentuckyDoulaMama LOL! trying to type too quickly before anyone walked by and read my secrets! sometimes dh thinks I am still finishing up schoolwork...so he lays w/ the baby...but I am on MDC!
Quote: Originally Posted by barefoot mama Dang.......I was having a baby that day (at 25). I must be old. At 13, I'd say you were behaving perfectly appropriately......nothing to feel guilty about. not that someone saying that helps.....but it's true Ahem. I was 33 when Diana died. She was just a few yrs older than me and I looked up to her a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by lalaland42 This is the reason toddlers aren't master chefs. Pics of DD helping me make whole wheat pumpkin muffins. DD shovelling ww flour in her mouth. DD looking up when I call her name. DD laughing at me. that is too cute! i needed a good belly laugh!
I think as long as the diapers are completely dry all the way through, however you do it should be fine. You just don't want inner dampness that remains and grows mildew. It will stink so you'd know. And that's easy enough to avoid. And that policy of no outside laundry SUX. What is wrong with the world?
I would think the over exertion caused by having a 2 yo around would bring on labor more than delay it. KWIM? I feel like my body said "Okay! Sheesh! This is too much to handle with the baby on the inside...she needs to come out for me to do these things effectively!"
Quote: Originally Posted by MHInstC Aye, and there's the rub. Anthro (of homo sapiens) posophy (wisdom) leads to the movement genuinely believing that they know people better than they know themselves. Inter-personal clashes are part of the human condition, but when one party is "out" and the other "in", it provides a super way to salve one's conscience, or maybe even to supress it altogether: "I'm not being rotten, I'm just wiser" seems to be the fall...
Mine worked again all of a sudden...that's why I think it's MDC...
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca Damn!
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