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I still nurse my twin girls and they are 4.5. When I step out of the shower they ask if I washed my hair, feet, and my nursies. They aren't really preoccupied, but i think the nurseis are an important "feature" for them--prob. b/c they provide comfort and take them to their special baby place. I'm betting they grow out of it and move on to other body parts!
Funny poll and interesting. I get called mom, mommy, or mommy H______ (my first name) by one of my girls and mommy by the other.
I agree with most of the other posters, but as a mom of 4.5 yr. old twin girls I worry a whole lot more about the pervs out there than the modesty issue (which at 4 is non-existent IMO--maybe not at a public pool but definitely at a public beach at a lake. Just today I was at the beach with my girls and I could see which creeps were there to check out chicks (maybe even baby ones) and which ones weren't. It's sad and maddening. Everything today is over sexualized. As...
BTDT. Recently. My non-id twins are 4.5 and going to preschool in the fall, which means they need to be toilet trained. We spent a marathon weekend in "isolation" and I nearly lost my mind. Nothing went right. One would tinkle all over the floor whenever she needed to go, the other would hold it in or "water the lawn" as she so nicely told me. It was horrible and we were all traumatized and crying! So...I stopped everything and we went back to diapers. I didn't say a...
Nope, you are not the oldest. i was cruising the boards here, which I haven't done in ages and had to reply. I'm 47--soon to be 48 and still nursing my 3--soon to be 4 yr. old twin girls. Still tandem nursing on their E-Z 2 Nurse pillow. At this age they're a big fan of routines! I often wonder if I'll head straight into menopause from nursing.
Quote: Also, you can't actually be in the 100% of a weight chart Yup, I'm a stats dork. That's ok. I just made that up!
I usually add a couple of teaspoons of flaxseed oil when I make yogurt smoothies for my twins (27 mos. old). That's how I eat it--with yogurt--so I thought they might like it that way too!
I'm curious too. I guess for most of us here I would assume healthy eating is what you describe. Yes, portions could be a problem. There have been some recent theories about children being hungry and weight gain later in life. A feast or famine response in the body. Hungry meaning parents who adhere to meal schedules with no snacks before dinner even if the kid is hungry so kids ignore their hunger pains but then are starving later on and overeat.. Or Kids not eating...
I'd say age 5 and up. Chubby meaning over the 100% in weight charts or if you or your child feels like they are "overweight" but not just based on the US concept of "thin". I should clarify about my chubby toddlers. One is only 50% for weight, the other is 90% but what I meant my chubby referring to toddlers was fat tummies and baby-like appearance. Hope this helps!
I'm a member here (mostly post on BFing and mults. boards), haven't posted in a while but I'm looking for moms to interview for a magazine article who have kid(s) that are on the chubby side (aka overweight) even though they eat healthy diets. May or may not have big appetites to match.. My twins are only 27 months so they don't qualify cuz they're still chubby toddlers! Thanks! PS you can pm me or answer here if you're interested.
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