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I was bummed when I found out the sal suds had SLS in it. I'm using up my little bottle (I only use it for floors and don't touch it) and then going to replace it with something that is completely safe. SLS is suspected of more than just being a skin irritant. I just don't have the time nor patience to wait it out until someone puts that chemical in the clear. They find out too many things a few decades later after people have paid with their health. Lots of...
Rach, All the advice here is top notch..but one piece of advice that helped me decide was going to Best Buy and trying them out. I ended up choosing the DC15. I absolutely love the DC15..hands down. Before you go to Best Buy to check them out, check out the dyson website and atleast look at the features. They have an awesome website. You may decide that the dc07 isn't for you because the telescoping of the dc14 and dc15 are really cool. The ball ease is what...
See what you think of this: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...5&postcount=12
Oh and nothing is a dumb question here!!!!
Well you'd think so but I know I've seen oils that said they were essential but the company backing them added things to them. I've also seen oils like strawberry say they were "essential" and I know that isn't considered one. Those kind of things make me skeptical of buying their product and it is why I stay with a known brand and don't just go for the cheapest if I don't know the company and it's goals.
I also don't buy any of those fake pets with animal hair that are found at malls that look cute. I'm betting the hair is real.
This is going to become the norm. I was listening to a show the other day that outlined all the organic places that were selling out to the bigger companies like Dole and the like. Sad. It tells me that the big companies forsee "organics" and "natural" stores as the wave of the near future..because they are buying them up.
I'm not sure which states have it or not..but I do know several states have medical care for those who lose their job and have no income. I live in california and I know they have it.
Quote: She is encouraging people to send protest letters to the mayor's office as well as banks and businesses associated with Child Training Resources. Looks like this is what needs to be done. This isn't just a Republican issue..cough...this has been "training" children for decades...even under democrat control. It gets complicated politically so you will be hard pressed to find any political figure to campaign on this anyway unless the public...
The reason why I do not personally give to the United Way is two fold. 1) They have several years under their belt with big scandals. I don't recall the details but I know of atleast twice I almost gave to them then read about big problems with how they handle their money. 2) Every job I've worked for pushes it really bad. Worse than ANY other charity that I have experienced connected with work. While I can't connect the hard pressure to give at work directly with...
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