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Thanks so much!
Hi! I am needing to find a doctor (preferably family practice) for my 4.5 year old son ASAP. We are moving to Philomath and I need to have someone set up for him as he has some medical issues. We don't vaccinate, do co-sleep and BF until he was just over four years old. I'd really like a doctor who shares these values but at the least one who will not fight us about choices like these that we make. Thanks so much!
DS turned four earlier this week and is still nursing. He was EBF to a year and didn't really start eating much until around 15 or so months. My goal at first was to nurse until two years, and then when we reached that I changed it to three years. . .and today we are still going. I just wanted to share where people wouldn't ask me why I was still nursing
Quote: Originally Posted by Queen of Cups I turn 30 on Sunday, which I'm not thrilled about but am trying to accept gracefully. I'm biking a local trail on Saturday (53 miles) and then having a date-night at home with DH while the kids spend the night with the in-laws. The next day we'll have a little party with my parents and the in-laws. It should be a lovely weekend! PS - Megadoses of vitamin C can help start a period. However, it can give you...
Hi, mamas! Today is Keagan's birthday and I can't believe it. He started spelling his name last week and is just growing up way too quickly for me. We are still nursing and co-sleeping and I'm not ready for either of those to end right now. Neither is he. Funny kid story - he told me two days ago he was going to nurse when he was 20. I told him if he was with someone who was lactating when he was 20 he could talk to them about it! Love to all
Quote: Originally Posted by lisasaurus meds are not a surrender, or a defeat, just a tool to help me keep going and keep learning. in the long run, life is short. the less medicated don't win any more prizes in the end, right? Right!
I *completely* empathize with your desire to be off medication. That voice telling you that if you just work harder you can do it - we all hear that voice. And really, just do what you can. Working harder won't necessarily do anything but make you frustrated (ask me how I know!).
Hi! I second pamamidwife's suggestion - check out mamarevolution on yahoogroups
I've been on and off medication for more than half of my life. Probably I should have been "on" that whole time. It is hard, I've definitely had the thought (more than once) that I'm the only one who can't successfully go on without the meds. . .but I'm not - and neither are you. I hope your meds kick in soon and help your sleep!
I've been MIA for I don't even remember how long and I just wanted to check in and see how ya'll are doing! Keagan and I are doing pretty well. Half of the week he lives about an hour and a half away from me with Allison and half of the week I've got him, so that is hard. Other than that things are pretty good. Hope everyone is keeping warm and healthy
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