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Thanks! I really appreciate the input. I had put her on the passenger side for now, so I'll probably leave her there. Thanks again!
We just bought a Honda CR-V, and we just took the 5pt harness straps out of dd's Graco Nautilus to use as a high-back booster. (She's 8 and just hit the height limit on the 5 pt harness.). I have always had her in the center of the back seat, but it doesn't seem that will work in the cr-v. In the center backseat, the seatbelt buckle is behind the booster, so I would have to pull her booster out to buckle her in and then push it back each time she got in. And each time...
This is kind of off topic, but I am wanting to try to sell my organic denim Ergo locally.  Any ideas what I should ask for it?  It's in really good condition.   Tia!
Thank you both!  I'll send along the info.   :-)
I'm posting for my sister in law in Nashville.  Her 11 year old son was vaccinated until near the age of 2 when my sil decided against further vaccines.  His pediatrician had been fine with it.  She received a phone call today from the pediatrician's office asking when she would be catching him up on his vaccines.  After replying she wasn't interested at this time, she was told that she needed to find a new doctor for her son.  The office did say that they would see him...
I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but since it has to do with saving money I chose here.  I cannot figure out how to print online coupons on our current computer.  It's a windows 7.  When I click on print coupon from say Ronzoni pasta's website, it opens a new tab that stays blank with the title of the tab enable.asp (GIF image, 1x1 pixels.)  I can't download the coupon printer program, either, because it does the same thing.     Can any of you computer savvy...
Does anyone know how long it takes to heal a ruptured ear drum?  Dd had what I think was a ruptured ear drum in the middle of the night Friday.  She didn't have any fever or other symptoms warranting a trip the ER.  We went on vacation the next day and will be home Monday.  I scheduled a doctor's appt for her for Tuesday the 30th to have it checked.  If it did indeed rupture would it be healed by Tuesday (11 days later,) or would it still be visible to a doctor? ...
I did it in 12th grade. We went to the USSR, and it was a great experience.
I'm not sure exactly what type of shoe he needs, but this comes in child wide widths.
Thanks! She homeschools her kids, so she just wants the exemption forms as a cya type of thing. I'll send her the link.
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