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Dh and I are going to be in Orlando Tuesday and Wednesday next week in the I drive area. We live in Polk County, so this is more like a have two nights away by ourselves rather than a touristy type vacation. What are your best recommendations for ethnic restaurants? We like Greek, Thai and Afghan food. Plus regular old American cuisine. We've been to Texas de Brazil already. And I've heard good things about Taverna Opa, Bosphorous Turkish restaurant, Mimi's Cafe,...
I'm asking this question for my mother in law. Her sister made a dentist's appointment with a new dentist who immediately asked if she takes actonel. He told her he will not work on anyone who takes actonel because of the negative affects on the jawbone. Has anyone heard of this? Tia!
I haven't tried connecting with other homeschoolers yet, but the Homeschool Cooperative looks pretty promising. hth
Thanks for the ideas. I like the Pottery Barn planner. I'll measure the room and stuff and play around with that. I like the idea of her being able to reach all her books and stuff on the bookcases, but I do think a taller bookcase would be more efficient use of space. She is quite good at using her stepstool, too. Yes, the tv will stay--unless I can convince dh to put it in the office. He wants one in there anyway, and dd generally watches tv in our bedroom or the...
Dd will be 5 soon and is talking about maybe wanting to sleep by herself. Her room is kind of small and is filled with her toys. I can't seem to come up with what we need to do to get a bed in there. Dh does not want her stuff in another room of the house. Dd does not want anything rearranged in her room--she just wants to put her bed in the middle of the room. Anyone have any ideas? Space wise we'd love to get a loft bed, but I don't think it would be safe for her...
Trilight Herbs sells herbal blends that taste good. Not sure if they'd have what you're looking for, though.
My dd has this, too. I put Wounded Warrior on it twice last night. It stings, but it has comfrey and all that in it. Today I tried the Burt's Bees but she was complaining of the minty smell, so I wiped it off and put coconut oil on it. I'll have to look for some Honey Burts Bees.
Thanks! We do have some painter's tape. Maybe I'll try that.
Dd has a cheapo Cinderella costume that my parents bought her. The dress is too long. I don't want to actually hem it so she can hopefully wear it next year. I thought about pinning it with safety pins, but I'm not sure. How is the best way to "hem" slick polyester? Is there a tape or something I could use? I'm really clueless, and I need to have it done by Friday. Tia!
Thanks! Safeguard and Recaro are out of my budget. I talked to dh about the Nautilus. He's not in favor of it, but I told him it's either that or buy a car with a shoulder belt in the center backseat. I'll keep working on him.
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