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that happen around other people. Dd is four. She is mostly a gentle, cooperative, happy child. But she has meltdowns that I find hard to deal with. Mostly I try to let her know it's okay to be upset, but it's not okay to throw toys, etc. I will often go lay down on the bed with her and be with her til she feels better. Mostly they happen when she's tired or hungry, and I can always empathize with her. But I don't know how to help her find ways of expressing...
I am feeling like I just can't take it anymore, and I think I need help. I have cycled in and out of depression for twenty something years now (since high school). I was in counseling in high school. I was on antidepressants in college and was in counseling and it really helped at the time. Since I've been married, I've been prescribed antidepressants twice but I didn't take them because I didn't trust the doctors that prescribed them. (The diagnosis was along the...
I just started using coupons and right now they are sorted into food, non food, and eating out. But it was so much a pain sorting through the food ones at the grocery store. I'm thinking of sorting into dairy, cereals, frozen, etc.
My sister in law lives in an old, small house with her dh and three kids. She is always cleaning/decluttering and working her fingers to the bone in the house, and you can't tell at all. She gets so frustrated, and I feel so bad for her. Her kids are messier than my dd, though. And her dh does nothing to help.
I'm not a good housekeeper, either. I only mop a few times a year. Sweeping is maybe once a week or so. I was dusting every week, but I've figured out dd doesn't have a problem with dust. My bathrooms rarely get cleaned. I do stay on top of laundry, I'm really into decluttering, and we regularly take out the trash. It helps that we're not real messy people. Oh, I also make up the bed every day, but that's only because it means a lot to dh that I do it. I can...
Thanks for the ideas for cream of wheat. I will definitely try either the cake or muffins, depending on how much I actually have. I guess I can use the oat bran as add ins to the muffins. I don't generally make pancakes or waffles.
Grits look like cornmeal only white and maybe a little larger. Generally it's made into porridge like consistency and lots of butter and/or cheese added to it. I think I've figured out we just don't like that consistency. Dd won't eat applesauce or pudding, either.
Since i had good ideas from y'all on what to do with the grits I have sitting around, I thought I'd ask about the other two hot cereals I have. I bought both of them just to try, and we don't really like them as a hot cereal. Anyone have any ideas for using them up? Tia!
I made cornbread last night with grits instead of cornmeal. Dh and dd loved it! I am so glad since I have lots more grits to use. Thanks!
Thanks for all the replies. I do like the idea of keeping things in a notebook, but I think file folders will be fine. I have gone back through some of the bills and EOB's and they do match. We're starting to get some bills now that says insurance denied the claim. We've met our deductible so next week I'll try to find out what's going on. Thanks for the help!
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