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Wow crafty I love your craft closet, so cool you have it all set up.   Leigh, love your projects.  I need to get my sewing machine out and do a quick blanket for this little one.  I haven't really done much after packing and moving and unpacking.
Love all the craftiness.  Here is mine and still working on the one diaper cover I'm knitting for this little one.  lol   My belly cast dh did for me.  37 weeks 2days   Close up of mobile stars and flower above changing table.   Tried to put them high enough so that me and dh don't get hit in the face with them every time we change a diaper. 
Oregon-   I'm so sorry to hear this, but glad your cleared of pre-clampsia.  Have you tried hibiscus tea?  I make it every few days in a quart jar, even when there is a little or no sun for 6 hours.  I went to make sure it was safe for pregnancy and found out it lowers blood pressure.  Most of my readings have been in the 90's/50-60's and ocassionally its been 103 to 104 over 60's.  Usually I'm 120/something with my previous pregnancies at least this late in the game...
Still nothing.  I'm still here in one piece.  Full moon tomorrow night at 7:23 pm though.  
Sleep, what's that?  Plus, I have a toddler having a growth spurt.  Despite her nursing all night the last two nights, nothing.  It would be nice to wait until my OB will be there on Monday, Wednesday or Friday through next Monday.  The baby is way down in my bum.  Like I feel her while I walk around pushing down on my bum.  So weird and I need to go to my chiro tomorrow if I make it that far, my lower back on the right is really painful. 
You all are too funny.  I think my body is trying to clear itself out today, that or it was the mexican food I ate yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I've never reacted that way.  I ate the same thing I usually do.  So here is to hoping.  I'm 38 weeks today. 
Thanks for the beads everyone.  Love them!!
Banana - I hope your rash is going to get better soon.  That's a real bummer during pregnancy. We have so much for 0-3, but its all hand me down, but there are so many cute things.  I had a hard time paring down just what we need.     Today it seems my body is clearing itself out so we'll see if anything happens tomorrow.  I'm 38 weeks today.  Told my dh to warn the dog and kid sitters just in case.
Yeah, a triathlon is nuts.  I feel pretty good though despite the weather being warmer than usual here.  It's usually in the high 70's and its 92 today.  We have no air conditioning, but lots of wind, so that's seems to make it a little more bareable though we were supposed to get rain last night and didn't.   Went to my OB appt. today, 38 weeks tomorrow.  I'm hoping baby will wait to come next Friday when my doc will be there, Granny will be here to take care of...
Hi mamas,   Sorry its been so long.  Just trying to catch up on everything at home and go to a million appt.'s a week it seems and the library and on and on.  lol  I finally washed newborn clothes last week and hope to do 3-6 month clothes this week.  I finally have a day at home all day today which is nice.  Tomorrow I have two appt.'s and grocery shopping.  lol  Seems to take up most of my day, plus making everything from scratch because it is always more expensive...
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