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Yep, sounds like adolescent behaviour alright,
If you can pre-register to save on paper work at the time (if needed) I would say to do so if is means a garuantee of care - but I don't think they can legally refuse a transfer tho you don't want them waving paper at you at such a critical time. I wpuldn't think they'll need any monbey up front tho' - if you need a transfer I'm sure they'll be qick to send you a biull afterward anyway.
Hi, Sorry to start a new thread but I don't see this covered in the basics or sticky's. Creches here will not take cloth diapered babies (I'm in Ireland)| -period . So, just wondering given that mothers here would only do it for 6 months max unles they extend their maternity leave (unusual) what are the environmental benefits over the short term, considering the amount of detergent and electrcicty required for laundry. Thanks to all who can help.
We're kind of the opposite. Due to a medical condition, I CANNOT survive on less sleep than the need my body dictates . It's very simple equation - I have to fulfil a sleep debt within 5 - 7 days, usually on a Saturday morning. If I don't, I get a massive metabolic slump requiring hospitalisation. Luckily I can now sleep through most things - rain, thunder, barking dogs, traffic and building work.
just wanted to say ope your l'il ones recover very soon and aren't too affected by the whole experience. Take care
To add, if I may, to what Thandiwe said iun relation to the newer IUDs. The mirena IUS, is plastic so there's not copper. Is progesterone coated for extrra protection but contains no oestrogen. It's fit and forget method and is in for 5 years but csan be removed sooner if you change your mind. It is THE MOST effective contraceptive available (over 99% in Europe) short of tubal ligation - which is permanent. It cna be fitted in your gyne's office or if you prefer it can be...
Subbing if I may. I would be interested in this as my beloved likes meats such as beef hearts and lambs liver as his family used to eat them but growing up my family very rarely had organ meats of any kind so I would like to know how to cook them for him. He likes the meat : - but doesn;t like the cooking
The same as a poster above I would break that down into smaller categories as I would find that easier to work with.: Category 1 : Groceries to include food, light bulbs, dog food (we buy it by the sack) toiletries and laundry, which for us basically consists of washing powder - basically what you can buy at the supermarket. Postage doesn't apply to us gifts and things that come up we deal with as follows. Category 2 : I add up all the one off expenses that come up...
. . . and subbing
I don't know if this will help but what I do it get a plain sheet of paper - doc format (or use excel if your comfortable with it) use household income as your total, subtract what I call the 'non-negotiables' (bills) - Mortgage, loans, Electricity, Petrol & diesel (gas), heating, phone = subtotal 1 Then (usually at the very start of the year but doesn't have to be) I calculate what I call yearly expenses. These are one off payments that come up every year such as -...
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