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Is this the sort of thing your looking for? http://www.xyandme.com/index.html
Congrats girls!! I can't imagine how excited it must be.
Congrats Susan & Julianne !!!!! So happy for you both, Will is adorable.
We will be in that position next year. After twins, I'm Pg with a singleton and thats it for us so we will be handing our one vial of sperm back once this baby is born. I'm sure you have made the other family very happy.
Yep, DP & I have 2 year old twin girls and another on the way. Lex has twin boys & kelly has twin girls, thats all I can recall ATM so there is a few of us. Congratulations!!! : How are you both feeling??? Twins are great, lots of hard work but very rewarding too.
BFP for us this cycle. Beta was 205.... 12dp3dt or 15dpo. Michelle, 2happymamas & mamastotwo...any news??
I found this, Lex ( our mod) had her Baby boy this week.. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=561559 Huge congratulations Lex, Lena, Lukas & Jasper on your new baby boy !!!!!!!!!
Hi Angie!! We had our embryo transfer yesterday. We decided to use our last 2 remaining embryos (one didnt survive the thaw process ) I'm 4dpo so I'm in the 2ww with you Michelle.
Hi mamastotwo, Natural FET means Frozen embryo transfer with no drugs. I had 4 embryos left from the IVF cycle that produced my girls and I have a regular cycle, ovulate on my own so chose not to use the injections. We have to maximise our chances as we only have theses embryos and one vial of our donor's sperm (huge shortage of sperm in Australia).
Hi everyone, I have posted on this board for a while but haven't on this thread. My DP & I are currently TTC#3 (we have 2 yr old twin girls) via frozen embryo transfer (FET). Our 1st FET was a BFN so now I'm CD14 on our 2nd cycle. Just wanted to say Hi ! Lisa
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