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I was asked by a friend to post this: As many of you know, the Massachusetts midwives bill, which brings together each branch of midwifery under a single board, has been held up as an ideal piece of legislation that most other states could only dream of enacting. And now, thanks to backdoor wheeling and dealing by the Massachusetts chapter of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—which was revealed in secret memos* that were leaked to The Big Push...
This one is a bit better - http://aapnews.aappublications.org/c...s.20091012-1v1
Sorry - deleted
Oh my gosh - this is so sad. I think you have some great ideas about the basket and some yarn, cross-stitch and novels might be good way for her to relax while she heals. I just studied a great book on infant loss for a college class that I'm taking and it emphasized listening and supporting the parents to memorialize their baby. When you see her you could show interest in seeing pictures and talking about the baby, if she initiates that. I'm so sorry - what a tremendous...
I'm glad to find this thread! I have a Nov. 05 co-sleeping baby and would like to night wean. The problem is - she was an early preemie and doesn't quite have the cognitive skills of a 2 y.o. - will she understand waiting until morning to nurse? Also, I have 3 other young kids (4,6,9) and don't want them to be awakened by her (they are in their own room upstairs). I guess I will try and report back! Btw, I would keep nursing on demand, but I'm finding I am so tired I'm...
Is the homecoming still on for today?
I did the shots but my OB didn't start them until 16 weeks - maybe that would give you some time?
Scary but exciting - go Dakota!
I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and Sierra - you are in my thoughts and prayers.
I took Joey to her GI doc yesterday and the good news is that her recent growth spurt put her on the chart (5th percentile for actual age - ). The bad news is that the doctor wants her to have a head u/s because her head size is continuing to grow and is above the 95th percentile. I want to wait until my Dh comes home (early May), but the reason they are doing an u/s is because her fontanelle is still open - will I run the risk of it closing if I wait? What are the chances...
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