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I know that a couple other 9/07 mamas were lurking in the unassisted childbirth db so I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about it here. We can talk, chat and discuss our thoughts and concerns about UC/UP. Right now I think that I will be having an UC or "freebirth." I really feel confident in my body and I think that especially with my current circumstances this is the best option. I may change my mind and just have a HB with a MW but I am not sure, I...
I think I am going Unassited this time around.
Anyone have info? Or planning to do this, doing it?
I'm due september too and considering an UC... Are you in the september 2007 due date club yet?
I am a vegetarian and have been my whole life, so I'm not really doing anything different, just eating more. I am starving. I was on a "diet" and have lost about 40lbs since June... so my eating was limited, now I am starving I think I will gain the 40lbs back this week if I keep up.
September 26th!
I'm sorry about your first birth! Sounds horrible, I think that having a doula is a great idea, especially knowing your past birth history. It has been proven that having a doula present reduces interventions! This is a good point in pregnancy to start looking for a doula, I suggest meeting with her a couple times (maybe having a pretend birth) just to get comfortable with eachother. That is one of the things that I do with my clients: I am a doula and I charge anywhere...
I was just wondering if any mamas avoid sleeping on their bellies even this early on in the pregnancy or if you think it is wrong/taboo?
My dd is nine. She is a "middle child" (second of four) and she is the only one that was not breastfed (long story.) In any event, she told me that she had a dream that my husband, my oldest son and myself all got cut up. I was like "wow that's a scary dream." Later... she says, "in my dream when you guys got cut up" and I could tell by her face that she was lying. I said, "did you really dream that or are you making it up" and she says, "I made it up" She says that she...
I haven't read any of the other replies yet - but here is my two cents.... Reading your post gave me the thought, "children need us most when they are at their worst" It sounds like their are some issues going on with your daughter, maybe it is just about becoming a teen; maybe it is deeper. It sounds like she might be feeling upset with the whole family (or the whole world) right now, since you said that she talks back to everyone. Maybe she needs some special attention -...
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