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Hi! There has been a lot written about how coming to poly by way of cheating has been very difficult to achieve successfully. The key to a poly living is honest communication. In regards to different styles, yup there are prolly too many to count. We are all individual and even at times our personal preferences change. Start with honest communication, even if it hurts! Good luck! Hugs.
We just started vaccinating.  I took my 9yo in and he received the 1st MMR. It pinched and he said it hurt, but also said it was not too bad.  I'm taking my two elders (12, 14) in this week for their 1st MMR.
Thanks for the story :) Made me cry.
Hummm, trying to figure out how I do it Well, from the beginning what I said goes. Not in the mean way. My kids know that when I say to do something, you do it now. Yes.... there are times when they lag a few mins. For example, when we are at the park. When I say it is time to go, not delay, they jump to get to the car. At home this year it because clear that if I wanted they to complete their chores, media would be not permitted until all three were done with...
I will just tell you what we are doing. Back when my kids were all small we did have limited media. As we progressed though the years it became apparent the strong desire by our eldest to use media. I do my best to stear it more to the positve and learning media. With regards to video games. We purchased the Wii system about 3 years ago because it was the most interactive system out then. I do limit what type of games they can have. We are a member of a game...
Yup, bully!!!! Beyond contacting the school (go in person). Make sure that the parents of R are also contacted. We had a kid last year in wrestling that behaved similar to R (minus the punching). Parents looked the other way, coach said to deal with it. Ugg! I"m concerened about this year starting up. DH assures me that Issac is more 'mature this year'. Will see.... Do not let this situation go without clear communication
Not the most usual names but not the most unusual either: Theodore Issac (Yes, I spell it with two s's) Harrison
Bra free here. I go through phases where I try to make DH happy. He is in the mind set that it should be I usually win out. I have yet found a comfortable one. Always avoided underwire. I like the tank with the built in
Hello, Have not read through the thread, just came across the title. My mother passed away of alcoholism when I was 17yo. I did not grow up with her (divorce). I do wonder at times what it would have been like to have her in my life as I became a parent. She herself was an awful parent, hence father getting full custody and move to next state over. I do still wonder....
Hello Life here has been kids, husband, chores, work, and his family stuff. Mark will be going back to work soon (teacher). We are also unschoolers so that is always going on. Neither one of us has had a date in a long time. We have gone to the swingers club a few times this summer. It is ok, I'm not as into it as I used to be. I'm craving something new. He is comfortable with what we have. Mark is going on a trip to visit with Lesley, a college friend. They...
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