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writermama - I would guess fungal infection?   Maydaymom - sounds like your LO is doing great!   storygirlcindy - sometimes I feel really self-conscious about my weird-shaped (and moving!) bump.  But it's odd that a nurse would ask you that!  I really don't think people stare at pregnant women's bellies to see them change shape.   I'm not particularly worried about the NST.  As I said to my sister, I'm all about the appointments that closely resemble naps.
((HUGS)) Melany.  You're doing a great job.  There is NO way you're failing your baby.    And how smart is that, putting a yarn shop next to a hospital?  Our hospital is out in the boonies otherwise I would totally open one next to it.
Congratulations babytoes & Delilahbeau!!!  Hope you heal quickly and easily, Delilah.  Your little one is lovely
Yeah Chapsie I don't know how you're still sane enough to put together coherent sentences.  I agree with the others - stick to what you absolutely NEED to do and let everything else slide.  And hire help if you can! (Or call in favours...)   Buko - your baby is super-cute.   Tear - So sorry about your grandpa.  It's hard to say goodbye and welcome new life at the same time.    nearlyelated - yikes!  That's not the kind of surprise you really want your baby...
My doula called those nights of fruitless contractions "labour on an installment plan."  Snort.
So cute!  And he's rocking a little mullet 'do already!!!
Wow, so much stuff going on!  We are all obviously FAR too busy to have babies.   Granola - on your behalf.  That sucks with the custody over your DSD.  But I'm glad things are nearing a close for you.   Raingardenmama - I hope you are able to work things out and stay home with your baby as much as you can.    Writermama, I hope the zoloft does good things for you.  Being depressed at this stage of things is just a bad idea.  Take your comfort where you...
Congratulations MPsSweetie!!!!  That IS a strapping lad!  Good work on that one!  And good call on getting him out when you did.   Obviously you had a subconscious inkling!
Writermama - I am going to get my MW to check me at my appt on Thurs and if things are looking slightly promising, ask the acupuncturist I'm seeing right after to hit the induction spots as well as the cervical ripening bits.  (I'll be 38+1)  It would be just SO convenient to have the baby this weekend, is all.  And next week I probably wouldn't be above asking for a sweep if it's warranted, either - except that my doula's unavailable most of that following weekend and I...
Micah I know exactly how you feel.  Like you want labour and birth to be over with, you just don't want those parts to *happen*.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just go to bed one night and wake up with a baby beside you?  Like if that stork really existed?   Or, as I've been feeling - if I could just put the baby on hold now and then and have a few minutes pregnancy-free just to catch my breath, pee comfortably, have a good stretch and touch my toes?  Sometimes I can...
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