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I cook rice in the oven I put water and rinced rice in a raosting pan on the stove top bring it to a boil cover and put it in a pre-heated over at 375 for 20 min, makes perfect rice everytime.
It is worth a try, and I do know of some people that it has kinda helped with and Any help is a good thing!
Oh excellent! Thank you!
I saw a few references to a fertility monitor thigie that uses morning spit...anyone know what its called and where to get one?
My sister and I shared a room for most of our time living togeather, and even when we had our own rooms we still slept togeather (when we could still fit in a small bed togeather). My 3 year old son and 1 year old DD will be shareing a room, not for a while tho, Im happy with DD in bed with me and shes not big enough to share with her brother yet, even if he does keep asking to have Reilly in bed with him
There really isnt anything that works on PA Even the meds availlible arent all that good. And most of them are dangerous to the liver and require frequent blood tests and yearly liver biopsys (sp) Me personally I live with the pain, It was better for me to Breastfeed my daughter than it was to treat my PA, I can Live with it for the few years that Im going to be Breastfeeding my Daughter. Julie whos PA is to the point of deforming 3 knuckles on my left hand and several...
Other In a monogamous relationship; not married got pg after dateing for 3 1/2 months Ended up M/C that baby and it took us a year to get Pg with DS...Marrage never came up its not something either of us want or need
LMAO I voted to keep them They are kinda cool to see My Regular BB that a go to is the same Format and there are people that have hit over 10,000 posts and that is cool to see
Let see...Im 5'3 Bottom of my ears length hair (LOL its Dark Purple) Blue eyes Fair dosnt begin to describe me...Im so white Im see thru...And big wide feet Their 9 1/2 - 10 wide. I have a pic of me up on my website http://members.shaw.ca/julie24/About...20Picture.html
Ya know I never thought about it. My Son calles his Penis a Raho (thats Maori) but then again he also has a puku instead of a tummy I have no Idea what I'll teach the kids about DD I like Yoni
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