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With my First we attempted it after 8 weeks but I was really realy sore still so we put it off for a few more weeks. With My second it was 7 months or so Again cause I was so sore but also cause we just havnt found any alone time and we've both been very tired and have spent anytime alone we've had Talking with eachother
Add me to the 24 club LOL At least untill april Dh Is 25 and we wanted and planed on having our family young...the only question now is how many LOL DH wants a third
I'll put my vote in..LOL No spaniels of any kind....no dalmations, no chows,nothing from the hearding group, terriers arnt a good idea unless your an experienced Terrier owner. Lab and goldens are good, but their long tails can and do act as whips and are great at sweaping everything off the table. Older Rottweillers are great with kids but as puppies they are BOUNCY and that combined with their size can be a problem.....What ever you decide to get do your reasearch first,...
Oh I love my Crockpot! I got a new one for Christmas cause I killed my old one
Oh Im a huge fan of Sarahs early stuff, I fell in love with her work when I first hears Vox as a kid Love Tori, would love to go see Tori in concert
My 2 1/2 year old does this, but hes up untill 3-4am.....I've tried everything I can think of and Ive gotten to the point where I can do no more, we have an appointment with a ped on Friday to see about getting my DS into a sleep clinic...I'll pass on everthing I learn
My kids dont care overly much for Disney (or TV for that matter) but I have been collecting disney videos for as long as I can remember, I even had peter pan on Reel to Reel
I found salty potato chips to be one of my best treatments for morning sickness Id just suck on a chip for a bit and it often helped. Ginger tea helped alot, altoids (for the pepermint, candycanes workd as well but were full of sugar)
I have my ears once and one in my nose. Id like a ring in my nose but i have a stud right now (have for almost 3 years) Cause i put a stupid clear backing on it and its been stuck ever since and Id have to cut the stud to get it out I figger eventually I'll get the stupid thing off and I'll put a ring in With a 7 month old a Ring isnt a good idea anyways Dh has 5 in his ears and a great tattoo
I was nursed for 3 months. I am one of the >1% That is genuinly allergic to breastmilk, My poor Mom did a compleatly elimination diet and could not find anything in her diet causeing me to be allergic, It was so bad that if BM got on my skin I would react I was raised on goats milk and Karo syrup cause it was the Only thing I could tolerate. Both my Kids ended up having sever Dairy allergies and DD is Dairy/soy allergic so Im very lucky that we figgered out the BFing...
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