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Oh I thought Id add that I was Induced with Reilly because I was 11 days past my due date had been in false labour for 13 days and my kidneys had almost compleatly shut down ( I was getting SICK) But that I had her compleatly naturally, no drugs and I went from 4cm to her being out in less than 10 min...
Oh Yes Jenny She definatly strikes me as a spirited child, Look how much her and Evan are alike...I'd definatly recomend getting the book! And LOL on the wakeing up thing...never thought about it...Evan needs a good hour of quiet time alone in his room to wake up in the mornings!!
Wow 11 lbs! thats HUGE! My DD was 9lbs 10 oz and was the biggest girl that the hospital had had in over a year. I too ended up having to suplement with formula for a few weeks till I could get my supple up to her standards. As to Why I had such a big baby? Dont know...But it sure was taxing on my body to carry her, Put way to much strain on my kidneys!
Oh thank you thank you thank you for the support group!!! And yup I have the book, Love the book...I dont think I could have made it to 2 1/2 with my son with out it! Its totallt helped me deal with his (and my!) spiritedness. My Mom read it and she loves it as well, wishes she had it for when I was a child
LOL I feel bad...all Ive read lately is fluff, free fulff from eharlequin. Im currently rereading Clan of the cave bears, Im going to read the series again because the new one is suposed to be comming out in May, its been 10 or 11 years since the last one!
LOL Let me know if you need more I know lots of great songs....
Good songs...son of a preacher man Lovers ina dangerous time (Barenaked ladies version) always on my mind by the pet shop Boys Hole Hearted By Extreme Time in a bottle by Jim Croche ( a slow one) Dont give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself Georga satilites Ready to Run by the dixie chicks (for the irony factor) Charms by Phlosopher Kings I dont want to miss a thing by Aerosmith Dust in the wind by Kansas Total eclipse of the heart by bonnie Tyler
Wow what a great story!
Im not american....but I thought the pledge had been taken out of school cause it was "under god" Correct me if Im wrong....that being the case Your Daughter shouldnt have to say it at all....As for teaching her, just keep doing what your doing, teach her what you belive, do it with out putting other down cause that just is wrong. Expose her to as many different people and things as you can. She will decide what she wants, but will always remember what you have taught...
LOL LaLa you and I both! Ive soooo asked for a trip to a day spa for christmas...I just dont see it happening anytime soon tho...DD is Exclusivly breastfed at 6 months and wont take anything but be so I cant go anywhere with out her Not even for a massage and a facial.....Soon tho Soon.... Ohohoh I know what im going to ask for for Christmas...Use of Someone elses bathtub so I can have a bath by myself...I think I remember those.....almost as good a s a...
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