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I disagree with giving in to make another person's day special. It is one thing to do that when you have a child who is neurotypical, but as a mom with a child who has Autism, I can say that I would say no in a heartbeat to my child being in a fancy wedding. Especially since your inlaws are difficult.   I mean this in a gentle way and I hate to be mean, but quite frankly, if your DH doesn't like it or is scared that they will disown him, in this case, I say that he...
You can clean without ignoring kids all day. There is a happy medium here. It is not all one or the other.
All of this talk about needs. Well, what about the needs and rights of other people? You know, the ones that your children are disturbing? It is fine to raise your children however you see fit, but there is NOTHING wrong with setting limits and boundaries, and teaching your children how you expect them to behave.   I also take issue with the tone of your posts. You assume a lot about other people, obviously. I have a very good friend who has never yelled at her kids...
What if HIS mother is watching and turns her head for a second and the baby falls or otherwise gets hurt? Will he consider HER dead to him too? I bet not.
I don't think you should leave them unsupervised. I have an 11 yr old who has Autism. I am just now to the point where I can trust him with his 5 yr old brother while I go to the bathroom.     I also think that sending him to his room is a good thing. It gives him his own space in which to calm down and a place away from the baby.
  He does NOT get the only say in who sees that child. First of all, you are this child's parent too. Your DP is using his animosity toward your mom and their seemingly ongoing issues to use against her. Would I be upset if my child fell down the stairs? You bet I would. But, I would NOT act as childish as your DP is acting. He won't be a SAHD, and he agreed to allow your mom to babysit, so to me, he is as responsible for the accident as she is. And he needs to shut up...
I am sorry, but in my opinion, that was just pure laziness. My husband is not Suzy Homemaker, but he can follow a simple list.
Who do these men think that they are to dictate when to clean and how to clean, when some of them seem to think that they are above doing anything except bringing in a paycheck? Grrrrr.
Life is not fair, but there is no reason to put up with such blatant favoritism either. If my MIL or mom acted like some of the family described in this thread, I would not hesitate to tell them, ONCE, that the crap stops now, or they will no longer have access to our kids. There is no reason to treat kids like that. Ever.
It is considered rude, in polite society, not to send out thank you cards/notes. I sent them for my high school and college graduation gifts, wedding shower, wedding, and baby shower, baby gifts. I also teach my children to write them for birthday gifts, etc. I think that it may seem old fashioned, but I think that people have gone the wayside from being polite and thankful. Even with a newborn and a toddler, I still made time to write a few notes. Barring major illness...
New Posts  All Forums: