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DH is not "helping" you. He is parenting his child. As it should be.
Quote: Originally Posted by lookatreestar i think a lot of people are just plain busy and forget. i like to give people the benefit of the doubt IMHO, if you have time to surf the net, you have time to write a note. Or at LEAST call a person and let them know that you received the gift.
It seems to me that more and more people seem to think that they should have to thank the giver these days, even in person, nevermind an actual thank-you note.
She was beyond rude. I cannot imagine.
I am a bit jaded because I am disgusted with the whole house selling thing anyway. My grandparent's house has been on the market for two and a half years. It was built in 1954. My aunt poured nearly $15,000. into it for new windows, painting, repairs, and a new furnace, etc. It is not new, but solidly built. IF I had the means, I would buy it. My husband, who has built houses himself, said that it is built MUCH better than many new houses he has seen lately. That is...
Return the favor on Father's Day. I am SO tired of this crap that some so-called "men" say about how their wife is not their mother. So what? Why isn't the mother of their children just as, if not more, important in their life as their own mom? My husband always makes sure there is something from our children for Mother's Day. Always. My dad did the same for Mom. This year, I got MIL's card and gift and made sure it was sent to her (she lives far from us). DH made a...
I would stay home. And quite frankly, I would expect my DH to do the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial That's not entirely true. Pool safety is a multi layer thing. One very important part is knowing how to swim. Plus, supervision, plus barriers. In my state kids drown every week. Almost all of them drown because someone left the pool gate open. Some drown because the pool was crowded and everyone thought someone else would see. MOST of those kids couldn't swim. Almost all of them were used to wearing...
If I needed someone in a pinch, I would gladly pay them or reciprocate. I don't understand those who would not.
The thing about this subject that really bothers me is when I read about men who refuse to pitch in, even when the wife is sick as a dog and can barely function. I am sorry, but if you cannot rest, and get well, you can get sicker and sicker and then what? I think it is disgusting when a guy lies around and acts like the world is ending if he is sick, but when his wife is sick, he asks, "what's for dinner"?
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