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Quote: Originally Posted by Eclipse95 I talked to a bunch of SAHM that I know today and a few SAHD. They were all quite shocked to hear about partners who worked and took on so much responsibility inside of the home. And I don't run in conservative circles either. Very, very interesting. People, IMHO, need to get out of the 1950's and into the 21st Century. It is wrong for one person to do every single solitary chore in the house,...
If both work full time, outside of the home, the housework should be split as evenly as possible. If one is at home and one is working outside of the home, the WOHP should not get to come home and simply flop on his/her butt. That parent should be pitching in with meals, baths, homework, whatever needs to be done. I am SO over this "I am the one who earns the paycheck so I can sit on my butt", mentality. I cannot believe that in 2010, there are men who still carry this...
There is no way my children would be going to that house, no matter whose feelings got hurt. I don't care if it is an addiction. Okay. Fine. But, I refuse to endanger my childrens' health to spare someone else's feelings.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna I think a lot of people have a healthy sense of privacy and don't want their personal info in any government database. Then I hope they don't have cars, any bank accounts, or expect tax refunds. Because that is having your information in a govt. database too.
I am fat person and it is rough. However, I am taking steps to get healthier and feel better. Your husband needs to get a grip.
My cousin and his wife just had a baby and his name is the same as my middle son's. I could not possibly care less! Our oldest is named after my oldest BIL. This was before he married, but his wife could not care less. If they ever have a boy, they can still name him for his father if they wish.
To me, this is the first lesson for a child that life is not always about "me". You are doing your best. You cannot be everything, to everyone, all of the time. Stop with the guilt.
I "second" Flylady. A schedule keeps me sane and the house from becoming a pit.
I don't read parenting books, for the most part. I don't think that it makes me less of a parent, either. I think that your husband is nitpicking, but I agree with him about consistency. When kids know what is expected of them and what to expect, at least in my house, life is a lot easier.
Quote: Originally Posted by That Is Nice This is a really excellent point. I do know several Indian families who have moved to the U.S. and they are very tight knit and the grandparents extremely involved in the rearing of their grandchildren. It is a nice system so I can see your MIL's points would be very valid. No, machines do not ever take the place of human connection. They simply make it easier to do the laundry, the dishes, the food prep and...
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