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I am SO PISSED for you. You poor thing! Like my husband says, "They don't have a clue." I would keep my distance for a long time, if it were me.
I am the last person to say "call cps". However, in this case, I would do it now. If I had the correct information.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka also be careful what your attitude says to your husband. He likes football. he likes his family. you are saying both are bad. you are saying they are not good enough for your son. these are the sort of things that chip away at relationships. What about the feelings of his wife? Just asking.
I think it is ridiculous that it has to be every single weekend. There is nothing wrong with sports, or watching sports. But to expect other people to come to your home at your command, with no regard to their feelings, is wrong. Why every weekend? JMHO.
My husband's family is Irish. None of them were born there, but the name is as about as Irish as you can get and they can trace their roots back to Ireland. I do not know what my heritage is, because I don't know who my bio dad is. On Mom's side, there is some German, English, and maybe some Irish. We want to buy wedding bands that have the Celtic Knot design or Claddagh on them. I asked a friend who is from County Cork, and he is not offended at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride That's assuming the court heard the truth. I was actually there for a case where a family lost their children for a year, after one of the social workers involved lied in court. I know as much as it's possible for someone who doesn't actually live there to know about the case (I was peripherally involved, and spent a lot of time in their home, including numerous overnight visits). I don't think they were the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Raine822 Me and hubby have been struggling with how best to deal with multiple issues we have with my mother. She completely disregards ALL decisions we make as parents. She feels that being older she should be the "expert". Our daughter is getting old enough to be affected by her behavior. Examples: -She refuses to correct negative behavior and tells us(in front of LO) not to correct her. -Refuses to use safety...
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaMelis Just out of curiosity, why do you refuse to sing or stand still for the national anthem? I wonder that too. If I were in another country and their anthem was being played, I would respect it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Belia I work in a high school and they read the Pledge over the announcements every morning. I hate it. However, all I require students to do is stand quietly. NO hands over hearts, no reciting the words if they don't want to. Personally, I will recite it but I will not say the words "under God". Those 2 words were added to the pledge in the Joe McCarthy era by the same folks who perpetrated the communist witch hunt.......
Bottom line, you have to take care of yourself, in order to take care of a child. A baby crying for a few minutes, so Mom can pee, wash herself, or eat a quick bite, is not going to harm him/her for life.
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