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Big thumbs up for Moving Comfort!  I actually wear mine all the time, not just for sports.  It has been really freeing (lol) to have the proper support.  I can run and jump and play with my kids without worrying about getting hit in the face by the "girls"! LOLOLOLOL   I also use the bras for running and they provide great support for that as well!   Good luck in your search!
Can you offer it to someone else who is picking up?
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Christmas presents were originally intended to represent the gifts the Magi (Wise Men, Three Kings etc.) brought to the baby Jesus.
It's challenging for sure.  But it can be done.  I have boys older than your child and they have not gone crazy for character stuff despite plenty of exposure to it.  You have plenty of time to build that haven, especially if you are planning on a Waldorf education.                           
I'm not a Waldorf parent, just interested in some aspects of it, so feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt.  Unless your daughter told you she wanted Minnie because she recognized the character from the book, you don't actually know that that is the reason.  Maybe there was just something about the toy that made it really appealing.  There's a reason why the Disney characters are so popular and it's not just marketing.   Personally, I think you should cut...
Hi   We had potty training issues with our son who has SPD and is a sensory seeker.  At 4.5 he had absolutely no interest in the potty and was still in diapers full time.  Around that time we started him on a B12 supplement on the advice of our dietician and he literally completely potty-trained (day, night, poop, pee) with almost zero accidents during the process within a month.  It was nothing short of miraculous!  When we reflected back on the experience we...
  Um, all of them?  LOL Seriously though, it really depends on what your children are interested in.  My one son is really into Egypt so naturally we've been buying from the Egyptian line for him.  My other son is into pirates and knights so he gets those types.  We tend to stick to particular themes rather than buying randomly from each of the different lines but YMMV.  We do have a few random sets as well and they get incorporated into the themed sets.   I don't think...
Me too!  In fact, one of the OT's created a social story for DS1 once and she included a picture of a mum with a baby in a sling "to more accurately represent (our) family'!  LOL  
Hi and welcome to the special needs forum!  I don't have a child with the issues you described but just wanted to let you know you aren't alone.  I recall there was a mama here in the past whose child had some issues with their hands (I think?) so maybe she will come along and give you some advice.   Martha
Hugs.  I *do* have ADHD and I could have written exactly what you wrote.  I remember when we first started out on the diagnosis journey feeling so lost and totally not comprehending what everyone was talking about and being really hard on myself because I wasn't doing *enough*.  We were even very close friends from way back with the speech pathologist and I still didn't understand what the issue was half the time.  I'm sure she got tired of me asking her to...
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