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Hi all, got a bit of a story and a question.   Yesterday I tested positive on 3 HPTs. My doctor's office wasn't open all day yesterday so I went to planned parenthood. They told me that their urine test was negative. They also told me that their test doesn't detect any hCG within the most current two weeks up until yesterday's date. I asked how I could have four positive tests at home. She said she doesn't know, but that I couldn't be pregnant because their test said...
Quote: Originally Posted by pumpkin Took a 2nd test. Clear as day positive. I started TTC 6 years ago. Got cancer and had to wait. Then got divorced and had to wait. DH and I have been trying for 3 years. It took 3 surgeries, the last one very invasive and painful (in fact I'm still recovering), but I'm finally here. My tooth is damaged. I'm in major pain and having a root canal on Thursday morning. But this may be the happiest day of my life....
I'll be working at home as a medical transcriptionist after I finish my course. Can't wait to do it. I just got back into reading and my book habit is going to ruin us if I don't get to work lol.
I got Sienna and Indigo, but I would also like Navy, Chocolate, or Sand if I was to buy more of them.
Guess I could have let you all know she weighed in at 6.7lbs and was 19 inches long. Her full-term sister Jayda was 6.9lbs and 19 1/4 inches long, so Sophia was probably going to be a tad bigger if she had gone to term lol.
Baby Sophia Olivia was born 6:22AM April 23, 2008 by cesarean section. After having decelerations all night on the monitor and while trying to induce a vaginal delivery because of the decelerations, it was decided that a c-section was happening because of increased fetal distress during each contraction. I don't regret the way it went, and I'm glad she's here safe and healthy as can be. She is 3 weeks early, but only weighed 2 oz less than her big sister did at term, and...
Meant for big boobies http://www.enell.com/index.html Okay, after reading the sizing chart, not REALLY big boobies, but I would have worn one if I had needed one before I hit F status.
Polyhydramnios and gestational diabetes. I passed the 1 and 3 hour glucose tests, but I wanted to monitor my own sugars, which proved that I am having trouble with my sugar levels.
Well, it's still OFFICIALLY 11 May, but we're scheduled to try induction on the 5th. So I'm saying that's my new due date since they're gonna try to get her out that morning at 5AM. Anyway...there's definitely no internet at the base hospital, so I shall update after the baby is born. She could decide to come earlier on her own of course .
Not showing up is not an option to even myself. I want to make sure that everything is going well with me and the baby. I am not really too worried about cord prolapse, as it's not a HUGE occurance and I don't want to get myself too worked up over it. Stressing myself out will just cause even more problems than I already have. I appreciate all the support ladies, it means a lot to me.
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