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This stuff http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=217361&catid=184273&aid=338666&aparam=217361 works great, in orange or citrus blend. They're both all natural citrus oil as I recall, so I feel comfortable with it. I think the "Citrus Magic" brand works nearly as well, and is also free of scary stuff. Hth, alsoSarah
Thanks so much, StephandOwen!
  I'm new to the world of slow cookers.  It's going to be way too hot to use my oven tomorrow night (no AC, 92 degrees, etc), so I want to basically use my slow cooker to heat a meal for which I usually use the oven.    Can you give me any guidance as far as cooking time and settings? I don't need an exact time (I would imagine that crockpots vary quite a bit), I just kind of want to know how long before dinnertime to start heating it.   The meal is basically...
I don't think that white furniture always looks girly, but I do think that it might mean having to be extra careful with the other colors and prints in the room, if an overall impression of "masculinity" is the goal. Personally, I'm not into the black furniture idea as much, but it may be just me... Another idea is to paint the furniture kind of a dark, barn red. That would look great with white, beige, soft light gray or blue-gray walls and would go well with lots of...
Thank you, RaeRae! alsoSarah
...do they leak pee through the needle holes where the applix was originally sewn on? I'm getting ready to start trying to convert mine, but I'm worried about the possibility that they could start leaking once I take the applix off. Any words of wisdom? Thanks, alsoSarah
That's so cute, texmati! alsoSarah
:notes   Thanks, Mamas!   VisionaryMom, it's embarrassing, but I can't seem to come up with much that I'd enjoy besides, "hang out with my kids!" Once they're in school all day, I'll need a backup plan, so I keep re-asking myself what I'd like to do/be good at.....   alsoSarah
 Thanks for the tip, Italianmom! I'll see if my U. offers a class like that! alsoSarah
Thank you so much, Hoopin' Mama!     I'll order those from the library asap!   Please keep the ideas coming, I need all the help I can get...    alsoSarah
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