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Well, my son who was 11 when I started this thread doesn't do too much Minecraft anymore. He went back to public school in the fall and has been so busy with school and activities that he kind of forgot about it.  My younger son who is now 10 is currently really into it, and I have changed my approach. Instead of just starting from the assumption that this is BAD because it's a computer game, and I'm prejudiced against electronics and gamers, I am trying to be open to...
What do you think about this?   You know the teachers who are bullies, but they are never fired?   Our school is awesome. Our principal is supportive. But there is this one teacher that makes life miserable for a lot of kids. When my oldest got this teacher, I had to take him out and homeschool him. I have since met 2 other families who have done the same. This teacher likes some kids, but picks out a few of the more vulnerable ones and basically acts like a...
Hi. I am looking for a doula in the Triangle area who has Type 1 diabetes, or who has knowledge and experience with Juvenile Diabetes. If you know of anyone, could you please let me know? Thank you. 
Hi, all. I'm glad to see this thread. I am about to start Suzuki violin with my 4 year old daughter. My older two boys started at ages 7 and 4 but we quit after a miserable 3 years because of a teacher mismatch and because i decided that the stress and the conflict that it brought into our family just wasn't worth it. The younger one hasn't touched a violin since (he takes traditional piano lessons, though); the older one tried out some different workshops and classes...
Took 4 bags to the thrift store drop off. I didn't count the items (mostly clothes and books) but I am going to guess about 40 things.    1087 + 40 = 1487   ETA (a couple weeks later):    11 baby items to pregnant relative 1 toy that had been sitting in a big box in my closet for a long time   1487 + 12= 1499   About 20 cards and pictures tossed, plus an old dinted tin.   1520
[ 1049 + 4= 1053[/quote] Baby swing, bouncer, carseat,, bedding set to pregnant relative About 30 items discarded 1053 +34= 1087
13 non-perishables to food pantry1 coat to coat drive20 recipes that I've never made1009 + 34 = 1043Unsubscribed from 6 companies that emailed me ads all the time1043 + 6 = 10494 toys1049 + 4= 1053
I've been doing a little puttering and haven't been counting, but I'll estimate that I've recycled about 30 magazines and phone books.   979 + 30 = 1009   Only halfway there! Gotta get busy! 
2 bikes + 1 bike part to the bike repair coop + 4 other items from the garage   972 + 7  = 979
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