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Mamaduck, I've heard all htose comments too. They have actually been very effective in making me doubt myself. I often wonder, Will I start spanking when he's 4? and What if #2 is more difficult and AP just "doesn't work?" ANyway, thanks mamduck and glh for your encouragement that it is not impossible to AP more than one child, or children over 2.
I'm glad you're here Pynki, and am enjoying reading your posts. I'm so sorry if my response to yours seemed like I was trying to pick a fight, I was just trying to carry on the conversation... Anyway it's great to read everyone's thoughts.
Hi pregnant moms. I just wanted to share some thoughts about my upcoming birth.... The first time I gave birth, I did not do any research or preparation at all. Because of my life circumstances at the time, I was simply too preoccupied with other things during the pregnancy. And although I knew I was going to cosleep, babywear, and breastfeed, I was just going to let my OB handle the birth for me. Let me just say, for brevity's sake, that it was the typical...
Hey everyone, I've been reading this thread but am jumping in late, sorry... Nice to meet you new members. Mamaduck, I'm glad you joined in, I absolutely love reading your posts in gentle discipline...i can probably start posting there more now that my son is 2 and I'm actually confronting some of these issues. It heartens me so much to see Chrisitan mothers parenting their children with gentleness and love. In college I knew this guy who was probably the most...
I would not accept a new philosophy/worldview/religion just because it "suited me better." I'm not so special that my personal preferences get to determine the Truth of the universe! If someone could convince me, with solid evidence, that the Truth I believe in is actually false, and that something altogether different is actually True, then I would consider changing my outlook.
I do watch it, to tune out to mindless fluff. But... Have you ever wondered how much you would acutally laugh at Friends without the laugh track? The biggest running joke on the show is the fact that they all take the Lord's name in vain. Is that really funny?
I say "legend" because there are unfortunately no hard records of his life, as opposed to the case of some other popular saints; there's only sort of a church tradition that remembers him. Historians disagree on which specifics are actually truthful, but I'll try to compile all the stories into one.... Saint Valentine lived in the 3rd Century A.D in the Roman Empire, which was then pagan. He was a Christian priest who had two clandestine ministries: one was ministering...
Mmmm! These all sound great. Thank you so much. All I could come up with was vegetarian chili or bean soup, but your ideas sound much better.
Hi all. I'm having a friend over for lunch tomorrow whose nursling cannot tolerate dairy in her breastmilk. I'm vegetarian but I do use a lot of cheese and yogurt, so I'm sort of at a loss as to what to fix. Can you think of anything relatively easy and meat- and dairy-free that I could serve for lunch?
Dear DarryLLL, Sorry if you felt invisible. If it makes you feel any better I read every word of your post. But....I gotta get off this computer NOW. I've been on way too much lately. Do me a favor and virtually slap me if I post again in the next week.
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