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Could someone direct me to where the info is for the strong RRL brew that is suppose to speed labor? Thanks! Donnie
My situation is this- I am currently living with my DS's Father, our relationship has been over for some time and I would like to get on with my life and to possibly meet someone else. What I need to know is what do I have to do to move out of state away from him if I want to? Our DS is 2.5 and I am a full time Mom and have always been his only caregiver. We are not married and never were. I would love to hear from other Mommas that have been through a similar situation...
My DP does this for a living and it's truely back breaking work. These guys get paid very little for what they do and it really helps if they get a few extra buck here ad there. Very few people tip but believe me it's very much appreciated if they have an extra 5 or 10 bucks to buy lunch, etc. they may appreciate a drink but the money is what they really want and need.
Hi Crystal- Honestly, I would feel the same way. What I would do is just come out and ask him if he would call you when he is leaving early. Unfortuantely, men can seem/ be clueless when it comes to how women feel about these things, it's usually lack of relationship experience, but some men never get a clue. He will likely never figure it out on his own and it's best just to be direct. Do try to leave out any wording that might make him sound inconsiderate.
My nephew was present during my labor and delivery at a birth center. He was amazingly well behaved and was very interested in what was going on, he was 4 years old. He was concerned about me being in pain and kept asking me if I wanted any medicine. He is an almost over sensitive child and he did just fine. We still laugh about how he said "Mommy I don't think that hole is big enough for that baby to come out". Of course at the time it wasn't so funny, but he knows a...
Getting the right fit depends more on your DS's build, for instance my Ds is 28lbs and if I went by the weight on the box he would wear a size 4 but he fits best in a size 3 because he is slim and tall (35"). So try the smaller size, I have found that Huggies Supreme fit him best and they are unscente, I also like Seventh Generation but they run larger and I can't get then all the time. Good Luck! Donnie- Fully attached Mommy to MSMF (01-20-2005)
Go to http://www.watchtower.org/ I agree with what Jennica said, I am disfellowshipped (ex JW). I was not born into it though, but I would never go back! Jennica, you sound bitter and it will eventually pass. Good luck to you (wait your not suppose to say that) If your family are JW it may be hard but believe me it's worth it to live without all the guilt. Feel free to PM me if you like. Donnie- fully attached Mommy to MSMF 01-20-2006 : : :
I know that parents in general all have grand ideas about the possibility that their child is gifted, that being said I know that my DS is way ahead of most children his age but what I want to know is is there an easy way to know or find out if he is truely gifted? He is 20 months old and my Mother is driving me crazy about getting him evaluated. Any advice is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. Donnie- fully attached Mommy to MSMF (01-20-2005) : : : X6
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Hi, My grandchildren attend the Orchard Valley School in E. Montpelier. My daughter is quite happy with the school and I've heard good things from other parents. The school is still young, but next year they will add a seventh grade. Do you have specific questions? Deborah Hi Deborah, I'm not sure what kind of questions to ask, I have never had a child in school before. I can tell you what it is that I...
We are relocating to Vermont in the Spring of next year and we are trying to think ahead and find a home close to a Waldorf school for our DS. What I need to know is- does anyone here have any recommendations or any experience with any of the Vermont schools, any info that could help us decide what school is best for him? I really appreciate any info that you could provide. Thanks in advance. Donnie- fully attached Mommy to MSMF 01-20-2005
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