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Quote: Originally Posted by Realcraftymama OMG, all this drama over a friggin cookie? A cookie? As a punishment for EnviroDad, I'd buy twenty-two packs of cookies and make sure he ate Every. Single. Crumb. WTF? : Totally, been thinking that this whole thread!
Dude...it's only a cookie. Chill.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewsMother Did any of you attend Howard? or Is anyone from the Washington, D.C. area? I am. I didn't go to Howard, But my mother did and all our family still lives in D.C.but I live in Baltimore now.
Good morning everyone! So, I started playing music again! I had a gig with my band for Cinco de Mayo, and I'm standing at the bar with the drummer. After the gig, I noticed people looking my way because I was all that...nope! Just staring at the HUGE milk stain on my red shirt! : So much for thinking I was cute,lol!
Good Morning Ladies! I too, have been wearing my hair in locs for about nine years now and love it. I really did not mind the short stage because I was rocking the hats and scarves. My locs are down my back now and I was thinking of trimming them, because I really, really hate spit-up in my hair, lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by tinybutterfly Terro makes an ant killer that is basically just sugar and borax. You open the little things up, the ants come, they take the bait back to the nest and it kills them all. It can take up to a week or two to kill all the ants, but it works really well. You can also make these yourself, but I can't remember the proportions. It's just sugar, water and borax. It will hurt animals or children, though, so if you...
a pump?
Well, if it were me, I would have a loud freak-out on the principal. Does the school have a code of conduct? Find out and read it if they do, they probally have a section on bullying and the consequences that the school will need to take. Also I would email the district superintendent and cc the principal. That will get action very quickly! Good luck.
You can add me to the club. I am so not interested in sex right now, it is sorta scary. Plus, DH is being kinda of an a$$ so that makes me want it even less.
I live in Baltimore, MD and have never seen anyone hit their DC. I have seen yelling, and mean words but no hitting.
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