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thanks everyone for your replies!  I can always count on my virtual friends.
We swim in an organized swimming excercise program at the local high school in the summer, which dd really enjoys.  She does not want to do swimming in the winter or be involved in a competitive team.  We are not working with a PT, but would love to know what type of excercises I can have her do at home.  Also, she wants to learn rollerblading and ice skating in the summer, would that be helpful to her?  As far as her shoes, my podiatrist made her some custom insoles...
Recently dd(9yrs) was diagnosed as hypermobile and her doctor suggested no sports like gymnastics or ballet. DD is motivated and enjoys a challenge, but can't run fast to  keep up with  her peers. Anyone have suggestions?  We also have the hardest time with finding sandals, her feet are very narrow, but measure "medium" because of  a bunion  forming.  Looking for any input.
Just be sure to use the neti pot at least a couple of hours before you go to bed, you don't want any post nasal drip or water in your lungs. Also, consider other types of rinses(nelli rinse) where you squirt the water. I've had water get in my ears, due to not tilting at the right angle. My friends swear by the netti pot, so don't give up too easily!
Ok, so we live in a sunny climate, so please educate me on snow shoes. I took my childern to the mountains a few weeks ago to play in the snow and we managed to just a few minutes before we got snow into our snow boots and gloves. What type of snow shoes help keep the snow out? I want to take the kids back to the mountains to sled and just play in the snow.
I am thinking about buying a top load washing machine without the agitator, would love any feedback. I've hated my front load machine and now that it broke, I can replace it! I just got back from the appliance stores and most of the sales persons encourage the front load.
I've gotten water in my ears using the Neti pot.
I don't have allergies or sinus issues, but I wanted to learn how to use the neti pot so that I can teach my DD. I've done it a few times now, and have been able to get the water to come out from the opposite nostril. I can feel water in my ears and can't seem to drain it out! I know it is there because I don't feel normal and it feels a little like after a swim. I did do the exercise where you tip your head down to remove extra water, but only for a minute or...
How big is it? I had one that was about a quarter inch when I finally had it removed. The cyst came and went away for the most part with prescribed topical antibiotic creams. Also, I used antibacterial soap(hibiclens). I don't know how people with this cyst tolerate the pain, it is hard to sit, sleep, and walk. Mine was small in comparison to how big the thing can get. The doctor drained it for me about 2 years ago, it was a simple process. Basically, he cut an...
My dd is a bright child, but could use improvement in her writing skills. Her teacher encouraged her to keep a journal and write about a book she has read. So this summer, the deal was to write in her journal to get TV time. She whips out her "assignment" in a few minutes and writes basic 4 to 5 word sentences to get by. She is going into 3rd grade and I would love for her to describe and add details. For her journal, I told her that spelling errors are ok, but...
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