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The support on this thread is beautiful. I agree with mammal_mama and crunchy_mommy. bmcneal, be glad that you are not so prideful as to reject help that is needed for your family to make life a little easier. I think it's a sign of strength and courage to  accept help despite the backlash received when you get assistance. You are choosing what is best for your family, that is what is important. Thank you for speaking up. I left this thread a long time ago after...
Sorry, I thought I was trying to do that. Off to edit/delete. :)  
Great idea!! I have no idea why I didn't think of that. I can totally drop off some food or something. Thanks!!    
I really, really wish I could be there to support the movement. Our group here that is occupying 24/7 is very small, just a handful of people. I am literally worn out from just living life though and can not even fathom adding one more thing to my plate. I appreciate all those that are out there braving the weather, the opposition, and just standing up for what is right and just.
Can you link some news articles about that part of it. I tried googling it but kept coming up with articles about the vetran with the damaged spleen, but nothing about rioting.
I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what this protest is about. There are a variety of issues, but the main concern seems to be requiring our government to hold these corporations accountable for their actions. There are CEO's in these companies being given MILLION dollar bonuses while they take HANDOUTS from the government, off the tables of our HARD working people. They move our jobs overseas, they don't pay taxes, they don't offer health benefits, or...
I'm really interesred in this movement. I feel really frustrated and too trapped in my life though to get down there to help and just be present. With 5 kids, being single, and a full time student I am just really overwhelmed. I know there would be a lot more support if so many of us weren't holding on by a thread already. I have nothing left to give.
I'm doing ok. I passed chem with only a 2.3 through and am going to have to retake for entry into the RN program. I was pretty disappointed. I am in microbiology right now and LOVE it! I wish I were on a semester system though, I hate having all this info condensed into 8 weeks. I want more time to get deeper into the info. It's so interesting. Having a REALLY hard time with study time. My oldest dd is already watching my younger 3 kiddos 3x a week for my class, having...
I haven't been around here in a long time, but what happened to our option for choosing our background? I loved the options there. None of these are something I would choose, they are kind of boring and all very similar.
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