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I have read that tea tree oil is good for disinfecting. My son has been sick all winter and I want to wipe down all the cabinets/tables with something extra strong to get rid of all the germs. Right now, I use a vinegar and water solution. Can I just add a few drops of tea tree oil to that? Or should I just use water and tea tree oil by itself with no vinegar in it? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by hopefulfaith Refilling water bottles -- are there drinking fountains readily available? I know some tourist places have them far/few between to encourage people to purchase drinks.. Just go up to any of the places that sell soda. They will give you water.
I haven't read all the replies, but I have really bad allergies and also wanted a dog that would be good with the kids. We rescued a Cockapoo (cocker spaniel, poodle mix) about 5 months ago and she has been awesome! She is so good with the kids and the house and I have had no issues with allergies. I bury my face in her fur all the time and it still doesn't bother me. She is an adult dog so I am not sure how a cockapoo puppy would be.
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom Any birthdays? You get free admission on a birthday. That was a 2009 promotion and is not valid in 2010. We go every year. We are lucky in that my parents work there so we go for free, but I still try to save money by not getting sucked into all the souveniers. One way I do this is that before the trip, I tell each child they get $25 to spend on whatever they want. When it's gone, it's gone. This...
In case you are looking to buy for next year..... I just got back from Carson's Dept Store (also Bon-Ton, Bergners, Younkers, Herbergers and Elder Beerman depending on where you live) and they have all winter coats on sale 50% off already marked down prices. I got a Columbia coat and bib set for my DD for $52.49 that was originally $140. I also got DS a Columbia coat for $37.49, originally $90. Yeah - we are set for next year! Just need boots and I will wait til...
We are a family of 3 - one adult and 2 kids. The only thing I re-wear are PJ's, sweaters and jeans (2x). I work outside the home so I have work clothes every day that have to get washed. We also use rags/cloth instead of paper towels so we have a lot of those. We do at most 4 loads a week. I don't wash towels every day. I hang them up as soon as we use them and we keep using them as long as they smell good. So 2-3 towels last us at least a week, maybe more. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by corrie43 Your whole family culd spend a sat volunteering and get into a park for free.... No they can't. Only kids 6+ can qualify for a free ticket. But you and DH can do it. However, it isn't a park hopper and I think you can get a better deal by buying a 5 day park hopper pass.
Quote: Originally Posted by taubel I will try to mail the invitations to the kids' homes. And I'm also going to warn my son not to talk about his birthday party at school! You can try this, but keep in mind that the other 8 will definitely talk about it. There is really no way to keep them quiet about the party - it is too exciting for young kids.
I would go!
I'm not that experienced of a dog owner so someone may have more answers, but we did rescue a dog about 4 months ago. She came with a collar and a leash. I did buy her a nicer leash and collar but it wouldn't have been absolutely necessary if we were just trying her out. For her bed, I made a bed with an old feather bed, towel, and a feather blanket - all just piled up. She never sleeps on it though because she sleeps in the kids room - either on the carpet or on the...
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