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I'm a mother of two boys, and I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I don't feel as if I'm missing out, I feel as if I have the family that I was supposed to have.
Pee on a stick. Congratulations!
I have a smallish SUV. I've had to replace the bumper, and it was $1,260.
What incredibly beautiful babies!
I call my kids booger eaters. Like, come here, you little booger eater. They laugh. If the shoe fits....
Quote: Originally Posted by knowerofnada Thanks for making me feel better about the house we are building. We will be in a HOA and I was really quite bummed about the idea of someone telling what I could and could not do with my own property. But you mde me realzie it's certainly for the better. I simply cannot deal with Christmas decorations in February, or an RV parked in the front yard, or visible clotheslines....egads. If it's not for...
Quote: Originally Posted by delicious clotheslines an eyesore? what about power lines? i mean, really. are houses supposed to look like they are not lived in at all? Yes, believe it or not, many people don't like clotheslines. If people hung their wash out, and brought it in when it was dry, then it might not be a big deal. People don't like looking at other people's underwear hanging on a line for a couple of hours, much less a couple of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Poot I guess its kind of pointless to even say this because we could never even afford to live in one of these places even if we wanted to, but not everyone can afford to mow their grass every day and spend money on fertilizer and seed. We keep our yard mowed as often as humanly possible. I have two young children and cannot do it unless DH is home. DH works long hours. We average every 5-7 days when its rainy and 10+...
What ThreeBeans said.
I would also say that rules that dictate how the INSIDE of a house can be decorated go too far. I've never seen that in our area, and would not be a member of that kind of community. But I also have one green room, one red room, and one brown room.
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