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Dr. Markham,   I've loved reading your articles about the best age to start preschool and the links you've provided to articles like, "The Dark Side of Preschool."   My son is 2.5 and I am a stay-at-home mom.  We love our time together and enjoy smallish playdates (he's overwhelmed by the larger ones) and one-on-one playdates a time or two per week.  I have not considered putting him into preschool any time soon.  I don't feel that I "need" time away from him and...
Sometimes I'll let my 20-month-old nurse for a few minutes and then say, "Ok, you go play with blocks now," to get his mind on the next thing.  And sometimes I'll follow it with "Mommy's going to go get some water/get the laundry" so that I can stop him for a few minutes at least!
I was thinking 4 month sleep regression too!  Hopefully he'll go back to sleeping a little better soon.
Sounds like he's just stressed being in a group setting with other children and being away from you for such long periods.  I think that's what the changes in his behavior are showing.  Could you wait and go back to taking classes later?  I understand that you are looking out for your future and his but it seems that he's not adjusting well to being away from you.   I guess my only other thought is a small in-home daycare instead of a larger group.  If he's used to...
Yes, craniosacral can do wonders too!
I don't have any advice but wow on using the SNS for 20 months!  That's incredible and wonderful.  What a commitment.  Hope he'll wean off of it smoothly!
My son is only 19 months so take my input with a grain of salt but I think toddlers need a lot of adult guidance at this age and if there is a group of them playing on their own, a lot of stuff is going to happen.  They are really not capable of understanding how to share, not grab toys, not hit until they are much older.  Toddlers need guidance from adults.  The fact that your son is trying to tell the other mom what happens tells me that he needs an adult to help him...
I also wear a nursing tank and a long-sleeved shirt over it.  If I want covers on me, I sleep on my side and put the covers up over my shoulder and then in front, I put them between my knees.  So they are on me but not on my babe (of course, he'll kick any cover off that is touching him anyway so I don't really need to do anything to keep the covers off of him!).
Thanks to this thread, we got into a better routine and turn lights out and TV off way earlier than we used to and the more gradual bedtime routine is working GREAT!  We used to do it more abruptly and my son would nurse in my lap from 9-10:30 sometimes.  Now, we are slowing down by 7:30 or 8 pm at the latest and then finally nursing at 9 and it usually only takes 15 minutes of nursing. Also, outside time EVERY day (which sucks for me in the NC heat).
I'm glad he's doing great!  So I'm hesitant to suggest anything else but maybe you can just file this information away for later.  I was just wondering if he had a tightness in his neck that made some feedings or positions painful and others not.  If so, a chiropractor could help.  I was just trying to think if there was a pattern to when and under what circumstances he was refusing.  Anyway, sounds like he's doing great now!
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