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I've been wondering this too.  No chance of pregnancy but I'm the last nursing friend (all with children around the same age) with no period yet.  DS is 19 months.  We do nurse a lot during the night (and day) so I've been assuming that's why.  Still...!
Hmm...I forgot about this.  Wonder if it's what we are going through.  DS is waking constantly but also having a hard time nursing back to sleep.  It's like he WANTS to but can't.  I didn't think about the 18 month sleep regression until I saw this post.  Arg!
HappyHappyMama's suggestion is a good one!  Also, may I ask, are you or would you *consider* medication?  It might be helpful to get through this period.  I am not a survivor but I had LOTS of pain breastfeeding for 5 months and was finally out of pain at around 7 months and the pain can really wear on you and then you have the emotional piece to deal with too.  I am just bringing this up because some people don't know that there are medications that are compatible with...
I wonder if she's coming up on a developmental milestone.  Before my son started walking, he would sit up in bed all the time and scoot all around.  He still does some but it was like his body was practicing getting up and walking!  It's hard to wait through but I find that most of these sleep disruptions (i.e. craziness!) do pass if I can just be patient and make up sleep during the day while we are going through it.
I go to Jazzercise in the evenings and DH watches DS.  They do have childcare but DS doesn't do well with anyone other than family so right now, I just go when DH is home.  I LOVE it!
I'm in Apex and have an 18-month-old!
We were only attempting to nurse about once/day for the first 8 weeks and I pumped around the clock and we gave bottles.  After about a week of transition time (so he was 9 weeks), I was no longer pumping but we were using a nipple shield.  We got rid of that around 4 months.  I felt like at 5 months, we were finally really getting the hang of nursing.  I delt with nerve pain until I finally got that resolved around 7 months.  I always loved hearing stories of babies...
path33 - I had a great homebirth with Nancy in Feb 2011!  Highly recommend her!
Yes, Nancy is still practicing.  But she is still looking for a long-term solution to the "supervising physician" issue.
Ha ha!  So I'm not the only one!  If we aren't in a time crunch, I try to let 18-month-old DS bring me his shoes when he's ready (I keep saying "Bring me your shoes so we can go in the car") because I think it's really good for him to have some control over what he does and when.  But there are those times where we are in a time crunch so I pick him up and put them on and tell him that I need to put his shoes on because we need to hurry and get in the car.  I guess I...
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