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MamaBice - thank you for that suggestion.  I'll give that a try!
I think laying down anywhere (I haven't tried the floor but I've tried the bed and couch) will just encourage an episode of nursing gymnastics.  He likes to use me as the vault but tries to stay latched as he goes over.  Ouch!  Then I really go batty!
My son had a sleep regression right around 4 months too.  It lasted about 3-4 weeks and then got MUCH better.  I have low milk supply so it did help to go back to giving him bottles at night...not suggesting that you do that but maybe consider that he needs to nurse a lot right now.  It helped me to just know that 4 months was a common time for a sleep regression.
Every time I sit down, my 18-month-old DS wants to nurse!  I feel like I have to stand all day!  I've tried sitting in different places, telling him we can nurse in a little while....he gets so upset!  He's just reminded of "nursies" when I sit down, I guess.  Anyone have a trick?  I just want to sit down and relax sometimes!  He's learned to climb into my lap too so he doesn't even need me to pick him up anymore.  I'm going a little batty.
"She won't even let me get up to pee sometimes, she just starts screaming like a two month old. For her to go to sleep sometimes I have to lay in bed for an hour cause if I get up too soon she'll start crying. Meanwhile my husband waits for me to watch a movie that usually we dont get to see."   Ha ha!  This sounds like my life!  My poor bladder!  And yes, we DON'T get to watch a movie way more often than we DO.   I feel lucky that I do ok (for the most part) on...
Yes, for a long time, I could only handle attempting to nurse once a day.  I was afraid we'd never get to full-time nursing with a start like that but we did!  Hang in there!  Take the "trying" at your own pace.
I was a birth and postpartum doula before having kids...we had a lot of problems breastfeeding.  Go figure!  (Great homebirth though)   I know you've heard of flow confusion.  Maybe he needs a little breastmilk to through an SNS to get him going?  My DS was very patient and would wait for my milk to let down, despite using bottles.  But I think he was just a very patient breast-feeder (not so much a patient toddler!).   I just wanted to bring up, before assuming...
I can't pretend *exactly* to know what you are going through.  I did experience unexpected and unexplained low supply with my son, which was devastating.  We are not planning to have more children so it's hard for me to imagine how I would feel going through all of those struggles a second time.   But....if I imagine for a second...I think *I* would decide which things are most important to me and focus on those:   - If producing as much milk as you can is your...
Do you know how much the person was taking for GI issues?  I've never heard of anyone having fertility issues because of it.  Anecdotely, I haven't gotten my period back and DS is 17 month but he DOES nurse around the clock.  I am still taking 60mg a day.
Good advice here.  I was going to second the hand expression idea until you get the pump figured out.  It's a great skill to have and doesn't hurt or damage your nipples!!!
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