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No advice but I had a similar situation and ended up with nerve damage.  Pumping made it worse, I think.
Nancy's contact info (I think the phone number is correct - I can't remember it right off the top of my head):   1108 Callicutt Rd Bear Creek , NC - 27207 919-837-5805   Also, she's on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Birthwise-of-Central-NC/274342755952941   Here's the number listed there.  I know this one is correct.  One above might be her office:  1 919.548.0677
Nancy has priviledges at UNC.  She serves the whole Triangle.  She was my midwife and was wonderful.   Here's another option:  http://ncbirthway.com/ Jane Gledhill CNM
Also Donna Galati in Fayetville.   The only option for midwives is in Wake County is Triangle OB/GYN at Wake Med Cary.  Wake Med Raleigh and Rex do not have midwives.   Some people get their homebirths covered and some don't.  Mine was covered out-of-network with Nancy who is a CNM.  Some people are able to get theirs covered in-network.
OP - I could have written your post word for word!   2trulyfindpeace - thanks for your input and experience!  I have often wondered if DS is trying to get the milk to flow more.  I do think about the fact that he only views my breasts as food and comfort.  The "twiddling" is really painful for me so I've started telling him that I will tickle his hand and a lot of times he'll let me but not always.  I feel like he's old enough to start understanding that this doesn't...
I get my fastest letdowns by starting with hand expression.  It works much better and faster for me that the letdown function on on the pump.
I'm always on the lookout for posts like this.  I was like you and no one could figure out why I was in pain.  I was finally sent to a pain specialist when DS was 5 months old and she said I was having nerve pain and put me on Cymbalta and propanolol (a vaso-constrictor) and that combination was a miracle for me.  It wasn't overnight but after about 3-4 weeks, I was really feeling a difference.  I went off of both about 2 months ago (DS is 14 months now), because the...
I think walking is developmental...not a skill that you teach.
Great suggestions.  A weight check with the LC in a week might not be a bad idea. Glad you got some help!!!
My babe only wakes up a couple of times and quickly nurses back to sleep.  I am not sleep-deprived.  So I consider him a good sleeper even though he doesn't sleep straight through the night.  I can't complain.   We did have a sucky sleep regression at 4 months.
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