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Quote: Originally Posted by tlcdoula In fact I gave up a job making $50,000 a year because I had such a passion for this work to make a measily $18,000 last year. I hear ya sister. I went from $72,000 to $12,000 last year. And DH makes $30,000. All because I love being a doula. Most of my clients are in WAY better finiancial shape than me. I charge $450 and everyone keeps telling me that is way too low. Other doulas in the area are...
I am so sorry for what you ladies have been through. I don't know exactly what you are going through but I do know what it's like to wake up from surgery with your fertility altered forever. It's such a shock.
The only reason mine was so bad was because they couldn't get the catheter through my cervix. My cervix was so tightly closed that the doc really had to jam at it, I guess, and I was dying! I did take some strong pain killers beforehand that my doc prescribed. My remaining tube was blocked but that didn't hurt...just a little crampy after the doc was in there for a while. I was pretty sorre for several days afterwards but that was because my cervix was so irritated.
Jennifer - thanks for recommending that novel (I am in the mood for fiction - maybe to really let my emotions flow). I am a doula so I have had a hard time finding people to relate to on my infertility journey. I was a doula before I know I had infertility issues but now that I know I do, it is an interesting place to be. I will definitely check out that book! Quote: (all 18 of them at this point). Oh geez! You poor thing! ETA: just looked...
I also LOVED Waiting for Daisy but I think it's better for someone who has really been at it for a while and has undergone a lot of different treatments. I read it after my first failed IVF and it was perfect timing but I don't think I would have related to the author if I had read it earlier in my journey. I haven't read Alice Domar's books but from what I have heard about her, she sounds very empowering.
I didn't have any noticeable side effects on Follistim. I did have my DH do the shots though. They were not bad at all but I didn't want to do them myself.
Perdita - oh no! That IS surprising. I wouldn't have thought it was THAT risky to go to day 5 with 7 embryos...I think I would have done the same thing! But...I guess over time, we do learn what seems to work for us. You are right to listen to your gut...it's just hard when people are telling you something different (boy do I know that!). I am really sorry you had to go through a cycle feeling "not right" the whole time.
My trigger shot was sub-q so a small needle. (this was for IVF though) I didn't notice anything...no side effects.
I'll be doing an FET in 2008. We have three embies that were frozen on day 5. I'm not sure when we'll be doing the FET because we are looking at changing clinics. If we stayed with the same clinic, I think we'd be able to transfer the embies 5-6 weeks from now but if we go to another clinic, we'll need time to research that before we start. And then I have no idea how to transfer embies to another clinic!
Hi Nicole. I sent you an email this morning to see how you were doing. I know exactly what you mean about the contact lenses! I had to wear my glasses all day yesterday. If I cry all day today, I'm going to be in bad shape with them. I am still in shock too. And very sad. Well, I also hate to end this thread but maybe we can keep up by email and then start another thread if we end up cycling together again. I appreciate all the lurkers too - it feels good to...
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